Talking About Body Wash For Men

It does not seem like it, but psychology experts know that vanity is as common among men as it is for women. Perhaps even more than we realize, considering there are ladies who wait for days to shampoo their hair. Many guys feel the need to do it daily, on the other hand, or else they will not feel as if they have genuinely bathed.

The thing is, the bar soaps that have been popular to the male population for years are getting less famous by the minute because of the creation of body wash for men.

What Is A Body Wash?

A body wash is simply an emulsified result of adding water to detergent. It can be lathered directly on the skin, for one. You can also use a sponge, loofah or even a pouf to scrub it on your body.

Contrary to a lot of people’s belief, body wash for men and women are not the same as the hard soap. Whereas the primary use of both is to help clean the body, the former does not have similar properties as the latter. The usual ultimate ingredient of liquid skin cleansers is petroleum, and it is not too harsh on the skin even if it is capable of removing grime effectively as well.

To understand how body washes work, imagine how water and oil never mix. The immiscibility takes place because the two compounds do not have elements to bind them to one another. Water will blend with water-soluble stuff, but it will never happen with grease, dirt, soil, filth, fat, and the likes. Now, a typical body wash consists of both oil and water. The only thing that prevents them from splitting in the bottle is an emulsifying substance. It enables the oil to bind with the dirt before the water washes it all off.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Body Wash?

Body washes for men are constructed these days in a manner that it can also be used for the hair. When you purchase something like this, you will get to spend a little less and save more time in the shower. It is especially helpful whenever you have an early meeting to attend, and you need to leave early for work.

The choices for body wash are endless, specifically if you do not have sensitive skin. Since some of them already have fragrance, the scent can stay on your skin all day long, and you may skip spritzing on your favorite perfume.

Essential oils are also infused to the product. The use of such oils is not typical for most guys, and some view it as a girly thing. However, from the name itself, you may need essential fats to diminish pimples, light the complexion, and soothe the body, regardless of your gender.

The liquid solution is neatly packed in a plastic bottle as well. It provides extra convenience to the consumers since the emulsified soap can be dispensed through a pump or a tiny hole on the lid. Furthermore, you do not need much of the body wash to cleanse your entire body. Squeeze out a small amount of it – about the size of your thumb – and use it to lather yourself from your head down to your toes. It entails that a 400-mL container can last for months, even when you bathe twice a day.

Types Of Body Wash

The body washes for men can get categorized in three different ways.

1. Clear

When you notice a cleansing agent that may have color but is still transparent, it means that it is the standard type. If you are after the aroma and its ability to wash the dirt out of your system, this can live up to your expectations. For the budget-conscious folks, you will like this too. Since it has the most straightforward ingredients in comparison with the others, it is admittedly more reasonably priced.

The transparent body wash is better than hard soap when it comes to cleaning because its foam does not dry on your skin. Having the latter situation happen to you will be embarrassing, especially when you go out of the house without noticing it until a colleague points it out to you.

2. Moisturizing

In places where the wind is always too loud or the temperature can get too harsh, men ought to use a moisturizing body wash. The only moment that you will be secured from having dry skin is when it is raining. Apart from that, regardless if it is summer, winter or spring, your skin is going to be comparable to a desert that has never been rained on for a while.

This type is appropriate for guys whose work necessitates them to stay outdoors, such as farmers, construction laborers, and lumberjacks. Even though they wear protective pieces of clothing, the constant exposure to nature’s force can make the skin dry. Applying lotion is not cherished by men and is often considered as a waste of time, so this body wash should be used instead of that.

3. Exfoliating

It is a unique body wash that, unlike the two mentioned above, cannot be utilized regularly. When you say that a particular item is for exfoliating, it means that this contains substances – usually soluble beads – that can scrub your dead skin cells away. It will then let soft skin to appear. The problem with using it often is that the body wash may irritate when you rub it on a new layer of skin. Going through the exfoliation process once a week – or twice if you always get exposed to dirt – is enough to chuck out all the grime that may have stuck on your body.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you do in life, whether you sweat buckets in the gym or not, use a body wash to stay smelling fresh. Cheers!…

Get In Shape Despite Your Toxic Life



Are you one of the struggling individuals who want to stay fit and healthy but just can’t because your work schedule is killing you? I am! I’m a full-time employee in a big company, and I didn’t get the praise and salary increase just by sitting around and going to the spa or the gym. I am a dedicated worker who can’t think of a week in my life when I didn’t go overtime. So as much as I want so much to keep in shape, at the end of my workday, the exhaustion, anxiety, and fatigue would catch up with me.

Finally, just last month, I found my saving grace – Chelsea – a cousin of my colleague from work. She’s a yoga practitioner, and I met her at the office when she went to fetch her cousin. We talked about getting in shape, and she gave me awesome tips that have helped me balance my work and my health. I’m sharing these with you here in the hopes that you, too, might get positive results.

Plan Your Week

This one could be the most crucial tip of all. If you’re working full-time and you need to attend to the needs of your children and your spouse, you’ll save big time if you plan your week ahead. What I do is I open my notebook every Monday, and I jot down my schedule for the whole week. I begin with the time I wake up and my time for a lunch break until the time I go home. I had struggled with when I could sneak in healthy eating and exercise in the middle of my schedule.

After you’ve made a draft of your week’s schedule, identify the days that you can squeeze a short workout or time to fix your meals for tomorrow. If you need to get out of the house very early, then you’ll need to ready your food the night before. Maybe you can spare 20 minutes in the evening to do some abdominal exercises or a quick cardio session? Don’t worry if things will go wrong at first, or if you aren’t able to stick to your weekly schedule. It’ll smoothen out eventually. Be patient.

Create Achievable Goals

You know you can’t do an hour or two in the gym, especially on toxic days when your hands are full of work and chores. Be truthful. If you’ll be arriving late on a Wednesday and you still need to cook dinner, perhaps you won’t be able to do that quick workout. How about writing the days that you are 80% to 100% you can do the 20-minute exercise? Your most important goal is to stick to your weekly plan and commit to performing your workout when you say you can fit it in.

Prepare Meals In Bulk

The best thing that can guarantee consistent healthy food throughout the week is to cook in bulk. If you’re catching up on deadlines this week, you won’t have time to make a complete dinner every day. So cook food that would last two to three days, the period for food to spoil. This way, you only get to cook two or three times for the whole week, plus more time to do your exercises.

Don’t Give In To Your Cravings

You usually have cravings when you’re on a low-calorie diet, and your body lacks nutrients. During this time, you are highly stressed and emotionally unstable. When you notice that you are feeling this way, find the means to calm yourself down so you can’t think of stress eating. Take a shower, drink chamomile tea, or learn some yoga poses.

Additionally, let me tell you honestly that I DO NOT follow a very strict diet. I just eat clean, meaning that I don’t consume processed food as much as possible. If you want to modify your lifestyle permanently, you’ll have to ‘tighten that belt’ as you will be committing to this way of eating for the rest of your life.


Hydrating is a vital part of maintaining proper metabolism. When you’re busy most of the day, you forget to drink enough water, and often you think you’re hungry, but you’re not actually. You’re just thirsty. Before you chew something, take that bottle and drink first. You’ll realize how much better you’ll feel when you’ve curved that craving.

Don’t Be Super Serious

There are weeks when you successfully follow your plan, and there are others when you just fall off the wagon. Things happen, and we can’t control them. Maybe you had to pick up your kid earlier because she got sick in school, or your boss asked you to do a priority project that couldn’t wait till tomorrow, so you missed your chance at preparing meals and doing your workout. Don’t exaggerate that frustration. It’ll only stress you out and activate your hunger pangs. You already know this, but maybe somebody needs to tell you: It’s okay to fail once in a while. What matters is that you are determined to get back on track, back to where you left off.




Why Aren’t My Abs Exercises Working?

You’ve been sweating it out every day just to achieve a six-pack, and yet after a month, you don’t see even a single pack! What’s the problem? What are you doing wrong? Here are some abs exercise mistakes that you’re probably committing – and you don’t need a therapist for this one! Just a few body adjustments and the right moves.

Problem #1. Your form might be poor.

Incorrect body mechanics can disrupt an effective move, which really won’t do anything for you if you’re all sloppy. When you’re pulling your neck, your abdominals slack off. Using your momentum instead of utilizing your muscles also won’t make the abs work. Your hips will just sag, and it won’t keep your abs contracting when you move. You need to feel that those abdominals are controlled to reap the benefits. You can better do that if you check out your form in the mirror initially, so you’ll see a good picture of where the form is wrong.

Problem #2. You’re not doing the right moves.

Samantha Clayton, a personal coach, and star in BeFitin90 channel, says that sit-ups are the worst regimen for a flat belly, as most of the work will be placed in the hip flexors rather than in the abs when you strain your neck. The most recommended techniques that provide maximum effort of the abs are Pilates-based exercises, which keeps the entire body activated. Bicycle crunches, plank poses, and other functional movements target the deepest layers of the abdominal muscles. Using stability balls can also add more to your crunches, as these tools test your ability to balance and push your core muscles to contract.

Problem #3. You’re not eating the right food.

As they say (and experts agree), exercise is only 20% of the secret to effective weight loss. This is also true for achieving flat abs. Eating a healthy diet is the fastest way to a six-pack. You could sweat it out with a thousand crunches a day, but if you’re eating way too many calories, your fat will overwhelm those abdominals! If you want fast and great results, eat fewer carbohydrates and monitor your alcohol and sugar consumption. Instead, load yourself lean protein such as white chicken, turkey, lean beef, fish, beans, and low-fat dairy. It’ll also be great to avoid fruits and vegetables that are starchy.

Problem #4. You’re not practicing the correct breathing patterns.

Yoga doesn’t make you lose a lot of calories, but because it encourages you to do breathing exercises that are focused on the belly, it is effective in reducing the fat belly. Breathing should be primarily integrated into any abdominal exercise. Why? Because your tummy is located just behind the abdominal wall, and incorrect breathing pushes the tummy to protrude outside, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve. The breathing pattern taught in yoga begins with an inhalation to prepare followed by an exhalation while pulling your belly button against your spine. This effectively contracts your abdominals throughout the whole breathing cycle — people who do this claim that they see a difference immediately.

Problem #5. You’re too caught up in the numbers. It’s been a proven fact that when you do the same exercise routines every day without altering the number of repetitions or weight size, you won’t get significant results anymore. Your body is quick to adjust, and so it will easily get used to specific exercise regimens. Whether you’re doing exercise at home through DVDs, or you’re going to aerobics classes, or you work out regularly, you should remember to change or introduce your body to a new routine. You’ll know when it’s time to change it up when you don’t feel sore after exercising.

Problem #6. You’re a worrier.

Worry and anxiety are precursors to stress, depression, and sleeplessness. Without sufficient sleep, cortisol in the body increases, weight gain occurs. Counteract the stressors by doing activities that you enjoy, learning a hobby, exercising, and meditating. Inactivity adds more pounds, and most often it rests on the belly. Be active and be positive.

Problem #7. You’re making shortcuts or speeding up on your workouts.

Doing your repetitions quickly instead of systematically will not end up in a flat belly. Slow, sure, and controlled are the key. This process increases muscle fibers and strengthens muscle bulk. Moves become more effective. One powerful technique to try instead of doing 60 crunches is to do a crunch and hold it for 60 seconds.

These are surefire ways to achieve a six-pack – powerful abs that will make you proud of all your hard work!…

10 Digestive Enzyme Options For Bodybuilders In New York Or Anywhere Else

When your goal is to become a bodybuilder in New York – or anywhere else – but you are closer to going to a therapist out of desperation than bulking up, it might mean that you need to take digestive enzymes.

I am personally not into hardcore training, yet my fitness instructor has talked to me about it. Turns out, to pack on mass and achieve that physique, it is essential to eat protein-enriched meals multiple times a day. The task shouldn’t pose any problem unless you have a slow metabolic rate in the first place.

In case you are unsure of what digestive enzymes are beneficial for bodybuilding, here are the ten option you may consider.


Have you ever wondered why a boiled potato or steamed rice tastes sweet after chewing on it? No one cooks them with any form of sweetener, but it seems like there’s sugar mixed with it.

The reason is that there is your saliva has amylase, which breaks the carbohydrates down into maltose, or malt sugar. The salivary glands generate this enzyme so that your body can process the starch fast. Nevertheless, the reaction gives off a disaccharide; that’s why you should still chew the food well for complete digestion.

Once maltose enters the digestive tract, the pancreas will then produce its version of amylase – the pancreatic amylase – and split it into two glucose. The simple sugar can now enter your bloodstream and energize you.


Do you feel as if your new-found love for fruits and vegetables still hasn’t helped to improve your absorption? The issue may no longer be because of the foods you ingest. Bloating or constipation can occur if you have cellulase deficiency.

A human cannot naturally generate this digestive enzyme, you see. It originates from plants; hence, your meals should consist of fiber-filled produces. All the same, consider asking a doctor before taking cellulase supplements.


Milk is the go-to drink for people who want to gain weight. It also contains slow (casein) and fast (whey) proteins that produce amino acids in the body for muscle function. Because of that, some bodybuilders make it a post-workout beverage.

However, if you are lactose intolerant, you may consult your physician regarding lactase supplementation. This digestive enzyme is supposed to be naturally generated by humans, but those who show intolerance to dairy products may not be able to do so. By consuming lactase, therefore, you can drink milk without experiencing adverse effects.


Imagine the long toy train you probably had as a kid as a protein chain. When playtime is over, you must put it back in its box. The problem is, the train won’t fit if the passenger cars (the amino acids) remain attached unless you use a tool like a protease to break them apart.

Also known as peptidase, it is a digestive enzyme that exists throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Its three major types are chymotrypsin, trypsin, and pepsin.

The progression begins with the latter, which is a by-product of the stomach. This molecule can chop a long chemical chain into smaller bonds. The peptides that pass through this zone then encounter chymotrypsin and trypsin on the way to the intestines. Like the pancreatic amylase, they come from your pancreas. These enzymes digest the peptide bonds until they become amino acids again.


While sugar can convert into fat when unused as energy, it may be difficult to reverse it without lipase. The same idea is applicable for butter, cheese, and various fatty foods that you ingest.

You see, since fats are oil, they cannot dissolve in water. Lipase can assist with this process, though; that’s why you must ensure that your supply of the enzyme doesn’t deplete. Otherwise, you may suffer from hypertension, heartburn, and diarrhea, among others.


In case your reason for weight lifting is to reduce the body fats, you need to curb your appetite first. A remarkable compound that you need for that is pectin, a fiber that’s abundant in apples. It should ideally make you feel full for hours, so you won’t become tempted to overindulge. But once it upsets your tummy, it means you lack the enzyme pectinase.


If an amylase can hydrolyze carbohydrates into malt sugar, invertase can break down sucrose into fructose and glucose. This digestive enzyme is hugely relevant, mainly because a whole heap of foods we consume has table sugar.

The invertase, or sucrase, prevents the sweet molecules from staying too long in your gut. Many also believe that it eliminates intestinal bacteria. Hence, it can perform wonders for your stomach’s health.


As healthy as legumes, fruits, nuts, and vegetables may be, the truth is that they contain complex carbohydrates. When you have a hard time digesting them, you’ll often produce gas, which is quite embarrassing anywhere you may be. To avoid that, you should think of ways to receive a proper amount of the enzyme alpha-galactosidase.


Seeds, wheat, and cereals are products whose outer layers have phosphates and minerals attached to phytic acid. The only enzyme that can liberate these essential nutrients is the phytase. Without it, you might not absorb the calcium, zinc, magnesium, or iron in such foods and lead to mineral deficiency.


The last digestive enzyme that the body needs is xylanase. It works to collapse the hemicellulose in plant varieties into xylose, thus making its absorption into the bloodstream easy. Although there are live microorganisms in your stomach that produce this enzyme, they are not sufficient for all the fruits and vegetables you might consume daily.


Ask your doctor and fitness coach regarding the digestive enzymes that may be useful for your bodybuilding dream. Good luck!…

10 Little Ways To Sneak In Exercise At Work


Do you have a family member who’s always buried in their work? It is almost impossible to go to the gym when you are a busy person. All activities from preparation to work out and aftercare are very time-consuming. However, no matter how busy your life is, you should take time off to exercise. You are not only putting your physical health at risk when you don’t do regular exercise; you also put your mental health in danger.…

How To Overcome Social Anxiety When Working Out

Exercising with friends or even strangers will always be better than doing it away from everyone. Someone can spot for you while you lift weights in the gym, after all. When you feel tired, you may get inspiration from others who work hard to achieve their fitness goals. Most of all, you cannot procrastinate when there is an instructor who reminds you of your sessions early.

The reality, nevertheless, is that you may only realize its benefits months after working out with other people. For instance, when it is your first time at a gym or in a Pilates studio, being around many new faces may make you nervous. You become self-conscious; you cannot do the repetitions correctly. Your eyes often roam around the room too, wary of the glances that others might throw at you.

Chances are, you are developing social anxiety at this point. If you wish to overcome it so that you can work out in peace, check out these tips:

1. Be Realistic

From the get-go, you need to remind yourself that the individuals you see at the fitness center are not there to gossip or size people up. They want to tone their body or strengthen their muscles like you. Your appearance won’t matter to most of them; that’s why you have to stop worrying about their perception.

2. Avoid Peak Hours

To deal with social anxiety properly, you cannot immerse yourself in a sea of people and hope for the best. That can merely cause you to panic, which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. What you can do instead is ask the gym personnel when the least number of members visit, and then go at that period. Then, you may slowly but surely get accustomed to your surroundings.

3. Learn About Equipment Beforehand

Some gym-goers feel anxious to work out with other folks around because they might look like a total newbie for not knowing how one machine operates. Assuming that’s what burdens you as well, you can dodge the problem by doing a quick search on the internet about the equipment you might see there. This way, although you have never used it, you are aware of how something works theoretically.

4. Find Other Outdoor Exercises

Is staying in an enclosed room with 15 sweaty adults or so making you claustrophobic? You cannot ask them to come out, for sure, especially since you paid the same amount for the membership. A better solution is to pick up a different exercise that allows you to stay in the open. E.g., running, jogging, walking, et cetera.

5. Bring A Friend

Finally, in case you genuinely are not ready to go to a yoga studio or barre class and be around strangers, you can always invite a friend to work out with you. Not only can it become your new bonding place, but he or she can also assure you that everything’s alright.

In Conclusion

You are already doing the right thing for yourself by reading an article on how to overcome your social anxiety that often comes out when you exercise. It is clear to you that culling the disorder is a must if you want to become fit. Now, you merely have to follow the tips above to ensure that you won’t have a nervous breakdown whenever you set foot at the gym or any fitness center.…

7 Exercises To Boost Mental Health


It has been promoted time and time again on how exercise can develop one’s physical well-being, but what could be done with one’s mental health? The good news is there is now a shift on the idea about the benefit of working out from just weight-related concerns but also towards psychological health improvements.…