Cardio, Cardio And More Cardio!

Which cardio workout melts those fats away faster???


Let’s talk aerobics. I’m not speaking about Jane Fonda’s video workout program from the early 80’s or Denise Austin’s jerking workout moves from the 90’s. Oh, hell no! We are in the second millennium people and evolution has paved the way for aerobics training. No more boring calisthenics and floor exercises. At this day and age, aerobics training or cardio workout can be both fun and effective in shedding off those excess pounds by melting the fats away.


But the question remains, which cardio workout will zap the fats faster than lightning? Ok, I’m exaggerating. Fats can’t be zapped and the lightning comment is truly a cliché. In truth, which cardio exercise can shape me up in lesser time? Good! I like that!


Anyway, to start off, here are four most common aerobic – now called cardio – exercises that can make you sweat like a real man. (Even if you’re a woman)


  1. Walking
  2. Running
  3. Cycling
  4. Rowing


What are the benefits of cardio workouts?


You may be doing some walking, running, cycling or rowing – the benefits, in general, are pretty much the same. The way you do the workout, varying in intensity, will of course have added advantages. You can run at low intensity or high intensity – these two ways have different functions and fat-burning zones.


  1. It boosts respiratory system function by pumping air to the lungs while strengthening the lung muscles.


  1. Since oxygen flow is improved, more red blood cells are transported all over the body.


  1. The pumping movements and resting state of the heart is also improved.


  1. Cardio can keep a person mentally stable by kicking stress out of the system as well as tension.


  1. Circulation is also increased.


  1. A person’s self-esteem is high after every cardio workout.


So, how many calories can I lose doing these cardio workouts?


Walking – 300 to 400 calories per hour


Ok. Hold your horses. This doesn’t mean that you can walk for 60 minutes and you’d lose 400 calories. Just keeping it real, man. If you are an expert brisk walker, sure, you will lose that amount. But clearly you’re a beginner (or contemplating to be a beginner – tsk, tsk, tsk…) and this is for informational purposes, right?


Experts say that you need to perform at 50 to 70 % MHR, three times a week for 20 to 45 minutes per session (MHR is maximal heart rate. You can buy gadgets with this function to help you determine the rate you’re going.). Walking is recommended for beginners who are obese but need to trim down and those who have to exercise at low intensity because of an injury. People who overtrain need to recover and fitness specialists compel them to walk first. Walking can also be a means to start your workout program, like a warm up.


Running – more or less 600 calories per hour


Running is obviously a high intensity workout and not all people are equipped to do this. You have to check in with your physician first if you are physically fit and able for this cardio workout.


Moving on, to effectively burn the calories, you must use up to 65-85% MHR and run three times weekly for 20 to 30 minutes. The great thing about running is that it tones your legs since the muscles are defined and enhanced by the workout. It will also improve your athletic ability, performance and stamina. Studies also show that runners are lessening their risk of developing osteoporosis.


Cycling – 500 to 600 calories per hour


Cycling means biking the traditional way or on a stationary bike – it goes both ways. It uses the same leg muscles as running but in a low-intensity manner. That means cycling has high and low intensity benefits for the person doing it. Those who love to perform HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training can also incorporate cycling in their circuits.


Like running, you must also cycle at 65-85% MHR for 30 to 45 minutes per session (3x/week). It may be “low impact”, but its fat-burning capability is like that of a high impact cardio exercise. Doing this regularly can also shape a person’s quad muscles.


Rowing – 800 to 840 calories per hour


You want to lose fat fast? This is the ultimate workout for you. Improve your rowing skills on the machine and it will make you slim down quick while toning the upper body. Of course, it’s not possible to work on the rowing machine for one straight hour. Just include it in your daily workout program and in as short as two weeks, you will see the effects.


There are other cardio workout exercises to do like swimming, jump rope, HIIT (as mentioned earlier) and more. You can choose whichever type of exercise you like and do it thrice a week at a minimum of 30 minutes. That’s all you need to keep fit.








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