Rise In Suicide Among Homeless

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Homelessness is a troublesome factor in society today. It doesn’t matter where you live or how well you were brought up, homelessness is one day away.

You wouldn’t think in modern society being homeless would be such a factor and yet it remains a big concern for millions each and every day. For some, it’s down to losing a job and not being able to find another and losing an apartment. For others, however, it’s because of family situations and running away.

People can just get into a bad crowd and sooner or later they end up on the streets. Anything can cause homelessness today but, sadly, there are more and more suicides amongst homeless individuals.


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Why Are Suicides On The Rise?

Being left out on the streets with no one to turn to and nowhere to go can be devastating and a very different way of life. For some, they truly cannot handle or comprehend the situation and unfortunately take their own life.

Suicide is truly on the rise and it’s down to shame, self-pity and, in all honesty, it seems the easiest way out of the situation. You wouldn’t think taking your own life would seem like the sensible option but when you’re in a desperate situation, anything seems better than living. That is one major reason why suicides are on the rise. It’s unfortunate but it’s happening even more so than ever before.

“Some of the major risk factors for homelessness are mental illness, substance abuse, and poverty,” Jack Tsai, PhD, said. “We know those are also major risk factors for suicide.”

What Can Be Done To Tackle The Issue?

Resources are stretched to the max it seems but if people can give a little more to charities helping those in need, it might lighten the burden. Now, there will always be people who are homeless but if those people have safe places to go at night and resources that help take them from the streets and into a new home and a job, the number of suicides might just decrease.

Suicides are not going away and while many people are against it, they do it because they believe it’s their only option. That is why more must be done today and getting an avenue of help and support to those on the streets is a must. Read more from http://vinnietortotich.com/when-does-sadness-become-depression/

Tackling Homelessness to Prevent More Suicides


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In truth, there is only one way to solve the problem – providing a home for the homeless. Okay, so it’s a lot easier said than done, but it’s something that is needed today. There is a big need for affordable housing and help for those who aren’t able to get assistance from the government.

If there were more outlets for homeless people to turn to in order to have a safe shelter and help them get a job and into affordable housing, it may help solve half the problem. If people were able to give what they could, they could save many lives.

“We can hope that many of these factors — such as the reduction of the opioid epidemic, a recovering economy, and efforts to increase recruitment of new mental health professionals — are heading in the right direction and may impact future suicide rates,” wrote John M. Grohol, PsyD.

“In the suicide field, psychologists are really partnering across three arms: science, services and policy,” added Joan Asarnow, PhD. “We need basic science to inform our treatments. And on the other end, we need to find ways to get these [prevention and treatment] approaches into our communities.”

It shows how desperate people are getting when they commit suicide as they believe there is no hope for them. visit us now!

Help and Prevent Tragedies

What can you do to help the homeless? Well, firstly you could look at setting up local shelters so that those within the immediate area can get help. It could be helping someone improve their reading or writing skills and helping them try out interview techniques. It could also be helping to fill out job applications and giving a room for them until they get back on their feet. It’s little things like these that can help. Also, giving a little money to charities can go a long way. Any help is positive and may prevent someone from committing suicide today.