10 Little Ways To Sneak In Exercise At Work

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Do you have a family member who’s always buried in their work? It is almost impossible to go to the gym when you are a busy person. All activities from preparation to work out and aftercare are very time-consuming. However, no matter how busy your life is, you should take time off to exercise. You are not only putting your physical health at risk when you don’t do regular exercise; you also put your mental health in danger.

Since most of the time of an adult is spent at the office, then why not incorporate exercise with your daily office routine? Studies have shown that office workers that regularly exercise are more productive and more efficient at work.

Doing workout in the office does not necessarily mean you need to bring that big exercise equipment with you. You can do very well with the office furniture and smaller gym tools.

1) Turn Your Commute Into A Workout

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Getting to your workplace can take an ample amount of time. If you ride your way to the office, why not consider doing speed walking, running or cycling to your workplace?

However, if the distance between your house and your workplace is overwhelming, you can do away by parking your car from a distance, or you can get off the train or the bus a few stations away and then walk your way up to your office.

It will help you feel useful rather than sitting on the train or bus and doing nothing.

2) Work Out During Lunch

Lunch break is usually a one-hour break, and with that amount of spare time, you can squeeze in exercise. But it is never a good idea to skip lunch, which is why it is advised to manage your time wisely and do a 30-minute gym routine and the remaining 30 minutes is for self-care and lunch.

3) Replace Your Desk Chair With A Stability Ball

Sitting in a stability ball is very uncomfortable. However, a stability ball is very beneficial to one’s health.

If you sit on a stability ball in your posture will improve because of the constant balancing that you are doing. More so, it strengthens the muscles of your abdomen.

Several studies have shown that children using stability ball in replacement to chairs have a better attention span and it is expected to have the same effect on adults.

4) Take Short “Active Breaks” During The Workday

Walking around and stretching your legs can also be a form of exercise. If you are sitting all day, this simple activity can promote movement and help shed off a few calories.

If you are already stressed out with work, take a short 10-minute break and walk around the office or take a short flight on the stairs. This routine will not only stretch your body but also will help to improve your mood.

5) Pace While You’re On The Phone

When you take phone calls, do it while pacing along the corridor or lobby. Physical activity does not require working out in a gym. A simple fidgeting and little movements can already help you burn calories and at the same time help you become more focus and alert.

6) Speed Walk Your Errands

Speed walking is effortless. If your work requires you to move from one place to another, then try incorporating speed walking at the same time you are doing your errands.

And if you need to carry stuff, skip using carts but instead take the thing manually. It is almost the same as carrying weight while doing your gym routine.

7) Go a long way

If there is a time to spare, then take the longer route to inspire the movement of your body. If you are not late, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If the sun is up, park your car at the farthest part of the parking lot. And if you need to use the bathroom, skip the one near you but instead use the one away from you. Walking is a low-intensity exercise, and it can help increase your energy level and sweat those extra calories off.

8) Start Or Join A Sports Or Fitness Club At Work

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Having someone with you that share the same interest in fitness can boost your interest in something. Ask your officemates if they are also interested in creating a fitness group, and if they do, you can do routines together during lunch time.

9) Stretch At Regular Intervals

Squatting right in front of your desk may seem a little awkward. But there are many stretching routines that you can do other than squatting. Body stretching can help you relieve from stiffness and pain and at the same time, it increases your alertness and energy level.

You can do a minute of stretching at regular intervals. You can browse the internet for stretching routines that are perfect for a small workspace.

10) Do (Subtle) Workouts At Your Desk

There is no need to do your exercise routine all at the same time. You can do inconspicuous methods throughout the day sitting behind your desk. You can tighten your abdominal muscles, squeezing your gluteal muscles or with a hand gripper, exercise your forearms. If time permits, you can stand up and do calf raises.