5 Bad Habits That Deteriorate Your Health

Every person has certain habits. Some habits are good and others are bad. Consequently, there are some habits that have a negative impact on the overall health of your body. Given below are five habits that deteriorate your health.


  1. Lack of Sleep
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A therapist near me once said that a lack of sleep has a negative impact on the functionality of the brain.  A sleep-deprived person has problems with concentration, feels fatigued and is in an irritable mood due to lack of sleep. Moreover, if sleep disorders persist for a longer time, they can lead to severe health problems such as memory loss and psychological disorders. People who do not get a good night’s sleep are anxious and suffer from stress. In addition, a lack of sleep combined with activities that cause exertion can lead to body aches and sickness which in turn slows down the person for a longer time. Therefore, catching up with sleep is essential for the mental and physical health of a person.


  1. Spending more time sitting on the couch and watching television

Most people today are glued to the screen and spend a lot of time on the couch watching television or using mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. This means you spend less time doing any physical activity and more time slouching on the couch which in turn leads to a higher risk of obesity and diabetes. Also, too much television can also lead to memory loss. It is wiser to spend family time doing productive tasks and physical recreational activities such as sports.


  1. Eating processed food and fast food
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Consuming processed foods is a popular choice among people as they are easy to prepare. However, the chemicals used to process food and to increase the shelf life of frozen products are harmful to your health. Similarly, fast food is also a convenient meal for people who want a quick snack or food on the go. Fast food is full of ingredients rich in fat which can cause weight gain and may lead to obesity if consumed in large amounts. Moreover, fast food contains trans-fat which is a type of fat that raises the level of bad cholesterol in the body. With an increase in bad cholesterol in the body, fat is deposited in the arteries of the heart which causes heartburn and other heart diseases.


  1. Skipping Breakfast on a regular basis

Many people claim that they are not a “morning person” and cannot have breakfast in the morning. Some people skip breakfast on purpose as a part of a diet plan to lose weight. Whatever the reason for skipping breakfast, this habit is detrimental to the overall health of a person. Firstly, breakfast is an essential meal that energizes the body to remain active throughout the day. It gives the body a kick start for the day. Secondly, breakfast helps boost metabolism. Not eating breakfast slows down metabolism which in turn slows down the fat burning process, leading to weight gain.


  1. Smoking Cigarettes
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There are various reasons why people start smoking. For instance, some people smoke to let go of stress and frustration while others do it out of peer pressure. However, smoking can easily turn into an addiction which is injurious to health. Carbon monoxide and tar are the main components of tobacco in cigarettes. Carbon monoxide causes the deprivation of oxygen in the body whereas tar deposits in the lungs and causes breathing problems. Moreover, an addiction to cigarettes can lead to serious health problems such as lung cancer and clotting in the heart.

As explained, the above habits are damaging to one’s health. If anyone has acquired these habits, they should try and take steps to steer clear of them as they can seriously harm your health in the long run.