10 Digestive Enzyme Options For Bodybuilders In New York Or Anywhere Else

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When your goal is to become a bodybuilder in New York – or anywhere else – but you are closer to going to a therapist out of desperation than bulking up, it might mean that you need to take digestive enzymes.

I am personally not into hardcore training, yet my fitness instructor has talked to me about it. Turns out, to pack on mass and achieve that physique, it is essential to eat protein-enriched meals multiple times a day. The task shouldn’t pose any problem unless you have a slow metabolic rate in the first place.

In case you are unsure of what digestive enzymes are beneficial for bodybuilding, here are the ten option you may consider.


Have you ever wondered why a boiled potato or steamed rice tastes sweet after chewing on it? No one cooks them with any form of sweetener, but it seems like there’s sugar mixed with it.

The reason is that there is your saliva has amylase, which breaks the carbohydrates down into maltose, or malt sugar. The salivary glands generate this enzyme so that your body can process the starch fast. Nevertheless, the reaction gives off a disaccharide; that’s why you should still chew the food well for complete digestion.

Once maltose enters the digestive tract, the pancreas will then produce its version of amylase – the pancreatic amylase – and split it into two glucose. The simple sugar can now enter your bloodstream and energize you.

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Do you feel as if your new-found love for fruits and vegetables still hasn’t helped to improve your absorption? The issue may no longer be because of the foods you ingest. Bloating or constipation can occur if you have cellulase deficiency.

A human cannot naturally generate this digestive enzyme, you see. It originates from plants; hence, your meals should consist of fiber-filled produces. All the same, consider asking a doctor before taking cellulase supplements.


Milk is the go-to drink for people who want to gain weight. It also contains slow (casein) and fast (whey) proteins that produce amino acids in the body for muscle function. Because of that, some bodybuilders make it a post-workout beverage.

However, if you are lactose intolerant, you may consult your physician regarding lactase supplementation. This digestive enzyme is supposed to be naturally generated by humans, but those who show intolerance to dairy products may not be able to do so. By consuming lactase, therefore, you can drink milk without experiencing adverse effects.


Imagine the long toy train you probably had as a kid as a protein chain. When playtime is over, you must put it back in its box. The problem is, the train won’t fit if the passenger cars (the amino acids) remain attached unless you use a tool like a protease to break them apart.

Also known as peptidase, it is a digestive enzyme that exists throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Its three major types are chymotrypsin, trypsin, and pepsin.

The progression begins with the latter, which is a by-product of the stomach. This molecule can chop a long chemical chain into smaller bonds. The peptides that pass through this zone then encounter chymotrypsin and trypsin on the way to the intestines. Like the pancreatic amylase, they come from your pancreas. These enzymes digest the peptide bonds until they become amino acids again.

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While sugar can convert into fat when unused as energy, it may be difficult to reverse it without lipase. The same idea is applicable for butter, cheese, and various fatty foods that you ingest.

You see, since fats are oil, they cannot dissolve in water. Lipase can assist with this process, though; that’s why you must ensure that your supply of the enzyme doesn’t deplete. Otherwise, you may suffer from hypertension, heartburn, and diarrhea, among others.


In case your reason for weight lifting is to reduce the body fats, you need to curb your appetite first. A remarkable compound that you need for that is pectin, a fiber that’s abundant in apples. It should ideally make you feel full for hours, so you won’t become tempted to overindulge. But once it upsets your tummy, it means you lack the enzyme pectinase.


If an amylase can hydrolyze carbohydrates into malt sugar, invertase can break down sucrose into fructose and glucose. This digestive enzyme is hugely relevant, mainly because a whole heap of foods we consume has table sugar.

The invertase, or sucrase, prevents the sweet molecules from staying too long in your gut. Many also believe that it eliminates intestinal bacteria. Hence, it can perform wonders for your stomach’s health.

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As healthy as legumes, fruits, nuts, and vegetables may be, the truth is that they contain complex carbohydrates. When you have a hard time digesting them, you’ll often produce gas, which is quite embarrassing anywhere you may be. To avoid that, you should think of ways to receive a proper amount of the enzyme alpha-galactosidase.


Seeds, wheat, and cereals are products whose outer layers have phosphates and minerals attached to phytic acid. The only enzyme that can liberate these essential nutrients is the phytase. Without it, you might not absorb the calcium, zinc, magnesium, or iron in such foods and lead to mineral deficiency.


The last digestive enzyme that the body needs is xylanase. It works to collapse the hemicellulose in plant varieties into xylose, thus making its absorption into the bloodstream easy. Although there are live microorganisms in your stomach that produce this enzyme, they are not sufficient for all the fruits and vegetables you might consume daily.


Ask your doctor and fitness coach regarding the digestive enzymes that may be useful for your bodybuilding dream. Good luck!