Talking About Body Wash For Men


It does not seem like it, but psychology experts know that vanity is as common among men as it is for women. Perhaps even more than we realize, considering there are ladies who wait for days to shampoo their hair. Many guys feel the need to do it daily, on the other hand, or else they will not feel as if they have genuinely bathed.

The thing is, the bar soaps that have been popular to the male population for years are getting less famous by the minute because of the creation of body wash for men.

What Is A Body Wash?

A body wash is simply an emulsified result of adding water to detergent. It can be lathered directly on the skin, for one. You can also use a sponge, loofah or even a pouf to scrub it on your body.

Contrary to a lot of people’s belief, body wash for men and women are not the same as the hard soap. Whereas the primary use of both is to help clean the body, the former does not have similar properties as the latter. The usual ultimate ingredient of liquid skin cleansers is petroleum, and it is not too harsh on the skin even if it is capable of removing grime effectively as well.


To understand how body washes work, imagine how water and oil never mix. The immiscibility takes place because the two compounds do not have elements to bind them to one another. Water will blend with water-soluble stuff, but it will never happen with grease, dirt, soil, filth, fat, and the likes. Now, a typical body wash consists of both oil and water. The only thing that prevents them from splitting in the bottle is an emulsifying substance. It enables the oil to bind with the dirt before the water washes it all off.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Body Wash?

Body washes for men are constructed these days in a manner that it can also be used for the hair. When you purchase something like this, you will get to spend a little less and save more time in the shower. It is especially helpful whenever you have an early meeting to attend, and you need to leave early for work.

The choices for body wash are endless, specifically if you do not have sensitive skin. Since some of them already have fragrance, the scent can stay on your skin all day long, and you may skip spritzing on your favorite perfume.


Essential oils are also infused to the product. The use of such oils is not typical for most guys, and some view it as a girly thing. However, from the name itself, you may need essential fats to diminish pimples, light the complexion, and soothe the body, regardless of your gender.

The liquid solution is neatly packed in a plastic bottle as well. It provides extra convenience to the consumers since the emulsified soap can be dispensed through a pump or a tiny hole on the lid. Furthermore, you do not need much of the body wash to cleanse your entire body. Squeeze out a small amount of it – about the size of your thumb – and use it to lather yourself from your head down to your toes. It entails that a 400-mL container can last for months, even when you bathe twice a day.

Types Of Body Wash

The body washes for men can get categorized in three different ways.

1. Clear

When you notice a cleansing agent that may have color but is still transparent, it means that it is the standard type. If you are after the aroma and its ability to wash the dirt out of your system, this can live up to your expectations. For the budget-conscious folks, you will like this too. Since it has the most straightforward ingredients in comparison with the others, it is admittedly more reasonably priced.

The transparent body wash is better than hard soap when it comes to cleaning because its foam does not dry on your skin. Having the latter situation happen to you will be embarrassing, especially when you go out of the house without noticing it until a colleague points it out to you.


2. Moisturizing

In places where the wind is always too loud or the temperature can get too harsh, men ought to use a moisturizing body wash. The only moment that you will be secured from having dry skin is when it is raining. Apart from that, regardless if it is summer, winter or spring, your skin is going to be comparable to a desert that has never been rained on for a while.

This type is appropriate for guys whose work necessitates them to stay outdoors, such as farmers, construction laborers, and lumberjacks. Even though they wear protective pieces of clothing, the constant exposure to nature’s force can make the skin dry. Applying lotion is not cherished by men and is often considered as a waste of time, so this body wash should be used instead of that.

3. Exfoliating

It is a unique body wash that, unlike the two mentioned above, cannot be utilized regularly. When you say that a particular item is for exfoliating, it means that this contains substances – usually soluble beads – that can scrub your dead skin cells away. It will then let soft skin to appear. The problem with using it often is that the body wash may irritate when you rub it on a new layer of skin. Going through the exfoliation process once a week – or twice if you always get exposed to dirt – is enough to chuck out all the grime that may have stuck on your body.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you do in life, whether you sweat buckets in the gym or not, use a body wash to stay smelling fresh. Cheers!

Get In Shape Despite Your Toxic Life




Are you one of the struggling individuals who want to stay fit and healthy but just can’t because your work schedule is killing you? I am! I’m a full-time employee in a big company, and I didn’t get the praise and salary increase just by sitting around and going to the spa or the gym. I am a dedicated worker who can’t think of a week in my life when I didn’t go overtime. So as much as I want so much to keep in shape, at the end of my workday, the exhaustion, anxiety, and fatigue would catch up with me.

Finally, just last month, I found my saving grace – Chelsea – a cousin of my colleague from work. She’s a yoga practitioner, and I met her at the office when she went to fetch her cousin. We talked about getting in shape, and she gave me awesome tips that have helped me balance my work and my health. I’m sharing these with you here in the hopes that you, too, might get positive results.

Plan Your Week

This one could be the most crucial tip of all. If you’re working full-time and you need to attend to the needs of your children and your spouse, you’ll save big time if you plan your week ahead. What I do is I open my notebook every Monday, and I jot down my schedule for the whole week. I begin with the time I wake up and my time for a lunch break until the time I go home. I had struggled with when I could sneak in healthy eating and exercise in the middle of my schedule.

After you’ve made a draft of your week’s schedule, identify the days that you can squeeze a short workout or time to fix your meals for tomorrow. If you need to get out of the house very early, then you’ll need to ready your food the night before. Maybe you can spare 20 minutes in the evening to do some abdominal exercises or a quick cardio session? Don’t worry if things will go wrong at first, or if you aren’t able to stick to your weekly schedule. It’ll smoothen out eventually. Be patient.

Create Achievable Goals

You know you can’t do an hour or two in the gym, especially on toxic days when your hands are full of work and chores. Be truthful. If you’ll be arriving late on a Wednesday and you still need to cook dinner, perhaps you won’t be able to do that quick workout. How about writing the days that you are 80% to 100% you can do the 20-minute exercise? Your most important goal is to stick to your weekly plan and commit to performing your workout when you say you can fit it in.

Prepare Meals In Bulk


The best thing that can guarantee consistent healthy food throughout the week is to cook in bulk. If you’re catching up on deadlines this week, you won’t have time to make a complete dinner every day. So cook food that would last two to three days, the period for food to spoil. This way, you only get to cook two or three times for the whole week, plus more time to do your exercises.

Don’t Give In To Your Cravings

You usually have cravings when you’re on a low-calorie diet, and your body lacks nutrients. During this time, you are highly stressed and emotionally unstable. When you notice that you are feeling this way, find the means to calm yourself down so you can’t think of stress eating. Take a shower, drink chamomile tea, or learn some yoga poses.

Additionally, let me tell you honestly that I DO NOT follow a very strict diet. I just eat clean, meaning that I don’t consume processed food as much as possible. If you want to modify your lifestyle permanently, you’ll have to ‘tighten that belt’ as you will be committing to this way of eating for the rest of your life.


Hydrating is a vital part of maintaining proper metabolism. When you’re busy most of the day, you forget to drink enough water, and often you think you’re hungry, but you’re not actually. You’re just thirsty. Before you chew something, take that bottle and drink first. You’ll realize how much better you’ll feel when you’ve curved that craving.


Don’t Be Super Serious

There are weeks when you successfully follow your plan, and there are others when you just fall off the wagon. Things happen, and we can’t control them. Maybe you had to pick up your kid earlier because she got sick in school, or your boss asked you to do a priority project that couldn’t wait till tomorrow, so you missed your chance at preparing meals and doing your workout. Don’t exaggerate that frustration. It’ll only stress you out and activate your hunger pangs. You already know this, but maybe somebody needs to tell you: It’s okay to fail once in a while. What matters is that you are determined to get back on track, back to where you left off.