Exercise Is Hard (Or Is It Really?)

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Exercising can be so hard. There are routines that we need to follow, and sometimes, these include lifting and other extreme physical torture. However, the problem lies not in exercise itself, but on our ability to look through its benefits. You see, most of us want an immediate result, but exercise cannot provide that for us. It needs a lot of time, effort, and motivation for us to obtain what it promises to give us. However, despite that idea, we still have lots of complaints concerning the habit. We often think about its entirety as “impossible.” But is it really?

Real Talk

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Honestly, exercise is not the issue here. It is our motivation to continue doing the things we know are hard and complicated. We are humans, and as much as possible, we want to stay away from hardships and sacrifices because a lot of us cannot tolerate the pain and suffering. With that, we lose interests by thinking and focusing on how hard exercising will become. We do not motivate ourselves enough because we are not used to working on long-term effort and sacrifices. Honestly, a lot of people can start working out. However, only a few of them are willing to continue until the end. That is because of the mentality and the will these people have that others don’t.

Source: pexels.com

The significant factor that affects our ability to concentrate on our desire to achieve our goals is our life perspective. We are born to adapt, but we don’t like to struggle. It is our nature not to fully commit ourselves on things we do because we don’t want to feel pressured. Regardless of the result is beneficial, we only want what’s easily attainable. That is the problem. We want things so bad, but we do not consider encouraging ourselves to stay on track. With that, we sour grape and let things go.

As much as possible, we want to conserve our energy. That is the reason why we love resting and not exercising. We get tired and exhausted on doing things that we think are heavy, complicated, and extreme. But the essence we don’t see is the significance of exercise in our mind and body. Because when you look at our current lives, with all the technology beside us every day, we find no time for physical activity. We don’t consider it part of our routine. With that, we set our minds that exercising is hard because we are not used to it anymore.

Exercise Is Not Hard

A lot of people used to say that when we find the right reasons to continue what we started, we will never have reasons to quit. That is true. When we know and value the importance of exercise in our lives, there is no way it will become a burden. It will never be hard, and it will become something that we will wish to do more often. So instead of thinking that exercise is a complicated and tiring task, we need to reset our minds and focus on its benefits.