5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Do Cardio

In the world of fitness, one must never underestimate the power of cardio, since it is vital to achieving not just your dream body, but also good health. Whether you train regularly, or just need a bit of exercise to sweat a little, we bet it’s what you need!

If you think burning calories and losing weight can only be achieved through rigorous weightlifting training, then you are wrong. Another exercise that can get the job done is cardio, and you should start doing it now!

Do you prefer working out at home or the gym?

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Whatever your answer is, there is a perfect exercise that will surely make you want to incorporate it into your fitness regimen because it’s that important and flexible.


Cardio exercise is any exercise that increases your heart rate, along with your metabolism, keeping your body fit and healthy. All cardio movements make your body stronger and more efficient! It’s your choice if you want to do a low level or high-intensity cardio training. But usually, the ideal cardio exercise is one where you use massive muscle movement over a sustained period; and your heart rate is to at least 50% of its maximum level.


Here are five fantastic reasons why you should do cardio NOW:

It makes you feel good.

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Literally. Cardio is known to improve one’s hormonal profile by releasing “feel good” hormones that can help ease the symptoms of fatigue and depression. Its stress relief benefits make one have a more positive outlook on life. The reason for that is cardio’s resilience against stress. In fact, regular aerobic training can reduce the heart rate response to psychological stress more than doing or not do exercises at all.


It helps you lose weight.

Cardio has a significant effect on weight loss in obese and overweight individuals. And it’s something you would like! Cardio is very effective at burning calories and fat. To give you a concrete example, burning 600 calories (for five days a week) is equivalent to successfully losing 5.7% of the total body weight.


It keeps your brain healthy.

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Not only is cardio good for the body, but it also helps improve brain health. The heart-pumping aerobic exercise has been found to increase the size of the hippocampus, which is the brain area for verbal memory and learning. Whether short term or long term, cardio can boost one’s memory and overall brain health. Now, isn’t that hitting two birds with one stone?


It helps with your sex performance.

Sticking to the slightly apparent reasons for doing exercise, cardio can help strengthen your stamina by toughening the heart, lung capacity, and muscles. You know what increased endurance can do for you. More power, and more extended time in the bedroom!


It keeps your skin looking good.

As if you need any more reason to believe that cardio has essential benefits. Well, another win situation for you is that you’ll get a brighter complexion. It turns out; regular exercise is the secret to having a healthy skin! To be specific, a great body and skin toning routine have a straightforward formula: circuit of three to four sets of weight-bearing exercises, interspersed with two to four minutes cardio.