The Road To Fitness: Dancing Together As One Family

In a world where almost everything becomes instant because of technological advancement, we become too dependent on gadgets that usually lead to developing relationship gap within the family.  



One great example of this is the early exposure of children to gadget use, which affects the quality time that the family should have for each other. Children become more exposed to the trending fads instead of family customs and traditions, which affect the family relationship. This is evidently seen in the absence of quality time that the family should have, with children and even parents holding on to their smartphones and tablets all day. This is a challenge for the adults in the family that should be given attention to strengthen the family ties and stabilize relationships. 

Doing Things Together As One Family 

I was not spared from the effects of social media in our family, having an extended family set up makes it more difficult to maintain the bond that we had before the emergence of social media. Watching my nephews and nieces become dependent on their gadgets somehow concerns me a lot. They become more focused on playing with their devices than spending time with us. To address this issue, my siblings together with our parents discussed the matter at hand and resolved how to reduce the use of gadgets by their children slowly.  


As a result, we decided to let the kids experience life out of the context of their gadgets, and spend time with us for them to realize that nothing beats the fun and enjoyment they can have without using their digital toys. Since they are all hooked into watching music and dance videos, we decided to have our family exercise in the form of dancing to increase their enthusiasm to join the activity. Fortunately, we were able to make them participate in our simple family activity, which does not only lessen their use of gadgets but also provide quality time for the whole family. It was a joy to witness how dancing brought us all together; doing something that we all love to do is a great feeling, which I know is strengthening the foundation of our family, and at the same time making the kids feel that spending time with the family is more fun. 

Dancing Is A Form Of Exercise Too! 


Apart from the goal of spending time with family, our dancing activity became our form of exercise too, and doing this was useful because we were all able to keep a healthy and robust physique. We may not be able to visit the gym for a workout, but dancing with the whole family at least 1 to 2 hours a day is more than an exercise for us. Hitting three birds in a single shot is like teaching the kids to lessen their gadget time, doing what we love to do, and exercising to maintain a healthy body. Every dance exercise that we do together was enjoying; losing weight together and gaining strength as one family. 

In case simple activities don’t help you achieve your family goals, why don’t you try counseling? Start with online counseling (with BetterHelp perhaps) to get a feel of the process, and then consider group therapy so that everyone can participate. Good luck!

Workout Together to Work Things Out

Often, jealousy becomes a woman’s middle name. This may sound funny or a bit absurd, but this is the typical scenarios that we encounter every day. Jealousy, if appropriately managed, can bring a positive effect in a relationship. It spices up the relationship making couples realize how much they mean to each other. It is even sometimes used as a way of showing how much love you have for your partner. 

“Jealousy can highlight what you value–your relationship,” said psychologist and author Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD.



When Jealousy Gone Wrong 

When paranoia and insecurities get in the way of jealousy, it creates a dangerous relationship problem.

Robert L. Leahy, PhD, wrote, “Similar to other forms of worry, jealousy leads us to focus only on the negative. We interpret our partner’s behavior as reflecting a loss of interest in us or a growing interest in someone else.”

Case in point was the experience of my friend and her husband.  

Coming into their youth, they are both good looking. Our friends even call them as “fitness and relationship goals inspiration.” But their relationship went rock bottom when my friend gave birth, wherein her physical attributes of being slim and toned started to fade away. Pregnancy contributed many changes to her physical appearance that made her feel embarrassed about herself.

“Jealousy breeds doubt, and when doubt enters a relationship, insecurity often follows,” wrote Suzanne Degges-White, PhD.

She began to feel insecure and paranoid about her husband, thinking that he might no longer find her appealing because of her weight. The situation did not sit well with her. Instead of talking things out to her husband, she became suspicious of her husband that he might be seeing another woman, which eventually lead to endless arguments.

A Happy Wife is a Happy Life 


Despite the bizarre attitude of her wife, the husband tried to understand what’s going on with his wife. He knew that she might be having a difficult time adjusting to her post-pregnancy body that is why she feels bad about herself.  

Good thing, her husband was matured enough to tolerate her attitude and make sure about his wife jealous acts he intentionally allowed his wife to view all his social media accounts. He noticed and felt that his wife feels she is no longer likable.  

The husband felt terrible about it, so he decided to bring back the cheerful aura of his wife. He confronted his wife that he sees nothing wrong with her figure. An official and personal confirmation of love with no boundaries are all that matters.  

But to make sure that she will never feel insecure about her body, he told his wife that they would do work out together. At first, the wife took it negatively. For her, it just confirmed her belief that she indeed was fat and not pleasant to the eyes of her husband. Fortunately, he was able to appease the adverse reaction of his wife and later on agreed to exercise together.  


Since then, the wife started to regain her confidence and became more thoughtful towards her husband. She also began to enjoy motherhood and became more caring for their daughter. The husband felt happy about his decision to help her wife redeem her confidence through exercising, and this time with a gym-buddy-husband.  

After about two months, his wife started to lose weight significantly. Recognizing the significant changes, she thanked her husband for not giving up on her immaturity – instead, he has helped her overcome her emotional and physical insecurities. She enjoyed working out with her husband and never thought that this would be a significant activity for couples and a relationship goal as well. They both realized that doing exercise together is like overcoming the trials in their relationship as one. 

In case your marriage is on the rocks, and you are both not ready to see a counselor in person, you are always welcome to visit BetterHelp. Licensed therapists can answer any of your worries and help you resolve them so that you won’t need to resort to extreme measures ever. 

Five Essentials You Can Build From Cross Fit Training




An Overview

“The Sport of Fitness.” That is how gym buffs and sports enthusiasts advertise cross fit. It is a type of training that involves different high-intensity movements. It’s a program that is designed to improve strength and overall body conditioning through various challenging routines.

Crossfit is different from boxing or Zumba or any other exercise simply because it doesn’t only aim for improvement but also to test the different parts of your mental and physical well-being of its capability, and if at all there is any change with everyday training.

Is Crossfit for everybody? The answer is actually yes – it is for anyone who is committed to pursuing it. A cross fit expert says, “Rather than having one workout for older women and another for hardcore athletes – there’s ONE workout each day that is completely scalable based on your skill.”

For those who are curious and planning to try cross fit training, let us examine some of the many benefits of cross fit training for one’s mental and physical well-being.




Cross Fit Helps Build:

 Determination. Intensity may be the key to cross fit but you can’t really achieve that if you don’t motivate yourself to your limits every day. All of us want results, but only a few are determined to continue and keep the same effort to train and finish his workout routine. When you’re working out in a gym, you can always tell your coach you’ve done 20 reps instead of just 10. However, with cross fit’s structured program, there is no other choice but to give your best in every routine.

Heart Performance.  According to the American Council on Exercise, cross fit training increases the heart’s endurance and elevates the heart rate to 90% of its maximum rate. Fitness buffs also proved that the training clearly improved one’s heart health and overall cardio fitness.

Lifestyle Improvement. When you’ve regularly attended your cross fit sessions and have incorporated it into your daily routine, you begin to change or add some good into you, such as a healthy environment, health-conscious friends, and new and better habits. You’ll spend more on the things that matter, like whole grain and home-cooked food instead of the processed and pre-packed ones. You’d prefer to talk and meet with your colleagues at the gym, not at the coffee shop or snack bar.




Relationships. Cross fit – or any exercise routine for that matter – enhances mental and emotional stability, therefore improving mood, behavior, and state of mind. Couples who do training together have claimed that their relationship has definitely flourished, although some who have more serious issues would still probably need help from a professional.

Ultimately, as a cross fit member, you become a part of its community, where all of you help each other improve and reach your goal towards a better a fitter person. Cross fit is a whole new experience and even strangers who join the training become one with you in achieving the best shape you’ve always dreamed of.



Improving Your Relationship By Working Out Together




You’ve been following and admiring this couple that lives beside you. They look so into each other, like they’ve just been from their honeymoon when in fact they’ve been married for years now. You begin to ask questions. Why are they so in love with each other? And why do they look so damn good together? Your friendly neighbor says, “They’ve been getting really physical together all through these years!” And you say, “What?” He says, “Not that kind of physical! I mean they’ve been working out together!”

It turns out that doing exercise together indeed provides huge advantages to your relationship with your partner – from getting to spend more time and striving to be healthy together, to, of course, great sex as a couple.

“Lab studies show that after jointly participating in an exciting physical challenge or activity, couples report feeling more satisfied with their relationships and more in love with their partner,” wrote social psychologist Theresa E. DiDonato, PhD.

Perhaps it’s time you invited your significant other today when you head out to the gym. Maybe you ought not to be alone in your journey towards a sexier, healthier you. Grab your husband’s hand and bring him along. Take advantage of the benefits of working out together not only for your mental and physical health but also for your relationship as a couple.


Reasons Why Working Out Together Helps You Stay Together

Quality Time Together

 Work, meetings, and the kids are among the responsibilities that get in the way of your time with your spouse. You’ve been meaning to squeeze a date night within the week but just can’t get a few hours of your time to fit in with your husband’s. But if you have a workout scheduled three or four times in a week, why don’t you do it with your partner instead? That would only mean more enjoyable and meaningful time together, at the same time keeping yourselves and your relationship healthy.

“Partners who do things together become more closely connected and come to enjoy each other’s company,” wrote research psychologist Rob Pascale, PhD.

You Compete In A Healthy Way

 When you’re a gym buff, you tend to compete with other enthusiasts, doing more pushups and carrying heavier weights to make yourself feel better than the rest. However, if you want to add some spice and excitement in your relationship, you can be playful by competing healthily against each other, without the bitterness or jealousy – only sheer determination to stay fit together, and stoking the fires of romance as well. Challenge your spouse to a fun run or have a burpee contest.




Deepens Your Love For Each Other

 Body language is practiced when you work out together. You begin to learn how to communicate non-verbally when you try to do the treadmill side by side or lift weights across each other. Your emotions become acclimated to each other and silently establish a more attuned emotional bond. What’s more, sweating it out together arouses physical attraction.


Improved Intimacy Through Shared Goals

Often, when you try to reach for the same workout goals and spend time putting effort into making yourselves healthy, the closeness becomes more significant.

“Intimacy is the sense of another person fully knowing you, and loving you because of who you are—as well as in spite of it,” wrote Susan K. Perry, PhD.

Love doesn’t only show when you look into each other’s eyes, but also when you’re living life and heading towards the same direction in most things – dreams, principles, and even in your attempts to achieve your best shape ever.

Exercise: Different People Different Strokes

Each of us has our reason why we work out, why we spend at least an hour at the gym or running around the oval every other day just to get tired. We all have our motive why we keep on enduring a minute of abdominal planking, a hundred of jumping jacks, and other challenging workout routines that we keep on doing in exchange of a sore muscle at the end. No pain, no gain. The long undulating cry of people who worship exercise and physical fitness. 



Most of us consider workout as a physical exercise that is important in developing and maintaining our physical strength and ensure that we achieve the maximum health. However, we tend to ignore the painful effects of every aching muscle and joint we obtain after working out. Spending some time working out and trolling the gym as my past-time, I have met many people from different walks of life, and from them, I have realized that exercise too has its own broader emotional reasons. 

From All Walks Of Life 

I have met people who chose to divert their heartaches through exercise and bounced back into having new relationships. I also encountered this lady who has been body shamed by social media then started to work hard to achieve body goals which she ultimately made. After several months of relentless training, she became a better version of herself. 


Also, there was the couple I got along with and found out that the husband does not want his wife to feel insecure about her body after giving birth, so to make her happy, he accompanied her to the gym and helped his wife regain her confidence. Lastly, sharing a cup of tea with a senior couple who have been doing a simple exercise, made me realize that no matter how old or young we could be, exercise could still fit in our lifestyle.  

Knowing someone who had been spying on her boyfriend because of seeing another woman made me see how much love can push us to our limits.  

The joy of seeing a family going to the gym together and witness how much they value spending quality time together.  

The contagious laugh that a group of friends shared with each other as they endure three-minute planking has helped me appreciate the importance of choosing and keeping people who will inspire you to become a better person.  


Finally, knowing myself even more. I have come to understand myself more that despite being single, there are still beautiful things that I should be thankful for, and these are the experiences that life has blessed me with. The experiences that made me realize how cruel life can be if only we take our grudges into it, and how amazingly beautiful it could be if we appreciate every little thing in life.  


I realized that as human beings, we have our ways of diversions and we often bury our emotions into exerting physical activity. True enough, exercise helps us clear our mind and calm our senses despite the physical soreness it brings. 

Saving Mental Health


Our mental health is something that continually changes regardless of what different things are in front of us. Whether we are in a state of calmness or the midst of anxiety, it always passes and often in flux. There are times that we immerse ourselves in the world of mental health treatments such as therapy and medication. We still want to find ways on how to maintain a better psychological and emotional health. But what we do not notice is the process of us always returning to the fundamentals of battling mental health issues.

Taking Care Of Ourselves


One of the most underrated ways of battling mental health condition is taking care of ourselves. Perhaps that is because incorporating healthy habits is not always as exciting as our current damaging lifestyles. These include drinking a lot with our friends, sleeping late nights, eating junk foods, etc. Most of the times, taking care of ourselves is boring and monotonous.

“Engaging in self-care is a way of signaling to ourselves that we matter in our own lives. You do not need a lot of time, money, or exotic new activities to improve your self-care,” wrote Katherine King, PsyD.

In some cases, it does not resonate in an instant because nobody cares about the positive result. However, the best part of its adjustment is its ability to reduce stress, anxiety, as well as depression. Taking care of ourselves finds a way to heal our emotional and mental dilemma. The changes don’t have to be that meticulous, though. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and exercising 3x a week can be enough to make a huge impact.

The truth is, the process of emotional and mental healing is an individual journey. The things that help others do not guarantee to work for another. Yes, some people take medication, and some of us don’t. Some of us want to be surrounded by people, and some of us want isolation. Some individuals want to talk things over, while some want to process their issues internally. Everybody is different, and we need to look through that. Therefore, the fundamentals of taking care of ourselves are dependent on how much effort we can process so we can recover.

“The idea of self-kindness is to practice being gentle on ourselves when we experience setbacks, and to treat ourselves with the same kindness that we would extend to a close friend,” wrote Elizabeth Hopper, PhD.


Depression, anxiety, and stress are the damaging things we all do not want to experience. It is not advantageous, and it will never become useful at all.

But you see, there is no exemption to it. Everybody can suffer and struggle with these unwanted mental conditions. With that, we have to set goals and focus on stuff that can help us maintain a better development. It will inspire not only our lives but also the people surrounding us. We have to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others.

“Instead of avoiding struggles, you learn from them. You trust your own instincts and abilities because they are uniquely yours,” wrote Deborah Serani, PsyD.

Implementing mental health solution in our lives is not easy. Finding the balance in living the world of uncertainties can bring more pain than relief. But with proper guidance and enough information, we can change things. We can look for ways to help ourselves and others to get rid of any emotional and mental health problems. As long as we are determined to save ourselves, there is no way we will not make it.

Reasons Why Exercise Shows No Improvement


I am confident that you already considered exercising. You managed to start working out in your home and maybe got a membership at the gym. You pictured yourself attaining a great body and that you desired to live a healthy lifestyle. I also know you tried learning the benefits of exercise to your emotional and mental health. But considering you’re reading this article, I can say you are looking for an answer to the question in your mind. Perhaps you are wondering why exercise shows no improvement in your life. With that, let me give you a couple of reasons.

You Don’t Feel Like Getting Fit – One thing that stops people, including you, from exercising is the feeling of not getting anywhere. Maybe you already spent a lot of time, energy, money, and effort to see positive physical results. However, your motivation cracks down because you see no sign of physical improvement. The thing is, the best results from exercise do not happen overnight. You will never achieve the kind of fitness you want just because you spend a couple of hours a day working out. It is not like that.


You Love Eating A Lot – The misconception of losing weight is that you rely on exercise to achieve a fit body. What you didn’t know is diet plays an essential role in the process. When you exercise often but don’t consider eating healthy food, you are wasting everything, including your effort, time, and money. As a result, you lose the enthusiasm to do what you have to do. Admit it, instead of avoiding unhealthy food; you consume more because you thought exercise alone could save your health. That is one bullshit idea.

You Can’t Stay Focus With A Busy Schedule – Another reason why you don’t often see positive results in your fitness journey is your inability to handle your busy schedule. Yes, it is understandable that you have to consider your priorities first. But when you don’t want to put your health and fitness on top, then you shouldn’t have to complain about the slow progress. You need to understand that your determination and motivation is vital in managing your priorities. So if you don’t consider exercising as part of it, then don’t expect a great outcome.


 You Constantly Make Excuses – Not all people are motivated to exercise. Most of them appear more focused on finding excuses. Why is that? Well, maybe they don’t entirely see the significance of having a healthy mind and body. Or perhaps they don’t feel like going to the gym alone. Possibly some of them can’t stick to their routines and often look at the impossibilities rather than the solution. If you are like that, then it is guaranteed that exercise will show no improvement in your life at all.

Exercising has a lot of benefits. I’m sure you already know it. However, if you are not willing to change your mentality towards the beneficial habit, you are worthy of its result.

Exercise Is Hard (Or Is It Really?)


Exercising can be so hard. There are routines that we need to follow, and sometimes, these include lifting and other extreme physical torture. However, the problem lies not in exercise itself, but on our ability to look through its benefits. You see, most of us want an immediate result, but exercise cannot provide that for us. It needs a lot of time, effort, and motivation for us to obtain what it promises to give us. However, despite that idea, we still have lots of complaints concerning the habit. We often think about its entirety as “impossible.” But is it really?

Real Talk


Honestly, exercise is not the issue here. It is our motivation to continue doing the things we know are hard and complicated. We are humans, and as much as possible, we want to stay away from hardships and sacrifices because a lot of us cannot tolerate the pain and suffering. With that, we lose interests by thinking and focusing on how hard exercising will become. We do not motivate ourselves enough because we are not used to working on long-term effort and sacrifices. Honestly, a lot of people can start working out. However, only a few of them are willing to continue until the end. That is because of the mentality and the will these people have that others don’t.


The significant factor that affects our ability to concentrate on our desire to achieve our goals is our life perspective. We are born to adapt, but we don’t like to struggle. It is our nature not to fully commit ourselves on things we do because we don’t want to feel pressured. Regardless of the result is beneficial, we only want what’s easily attainable. That is the problem. We want things so bad, but we do not consider encouraging ourselves to stay on track. With that, we sour grape and let things go.

As much as possible, we want to conserve our energy. That is the reason why we love resting and not exercising. We get tired and exhausted on doing things that we think are heavy, complicated, and extreme. But the essence we don’t see is the significance of exercise in our mind and body. Because when you look at our current lives, with all the technology beside us every day, we find no time for physical activity. We don’t consider it part of our routine. With that, we set our minds that exercising is hard because we are not used to it anymore.

Exercise Is Not Hard

A lot of people used to say that when we find the right reasons to continue what we started, we will never have reasons to quit. That is true. When we know and value the importance of exercise in our lives, there is no way it will become a burden. It will never be hard, and it will become something that we will wish to do more often. So instead of thinking that exercise is a complicated and tiring task, we need to reset our minds and focus on its benefits.

Exercise And Mental Health


When you are depressed, the tendency is that you will always feel tired and exhausted. That is, regardless of being active all the time. Even if you love exercising, the mental condition can take over. And on its course, it will eventually affect your way of living. It will result in a loss of interest in trying new things and getting socially anxious. Inactivity feeds your mental illness. If it continues like that, it will create a spiral that will soon become hard to break.

The Sad Truth


In today’s world, it is unfortunate that almost all people demand more from their brain function but less from their physical activity. Due to technological advancement, it becomes a regular habit not to force one’s physical strength because people don’t have to. That is the reason why there is imbalance well-being that takes away all the advantages of healthy living. Your body craves more rest during a long period of inactivity. That is because it gets used to not doing anything. There becomes a buildup of high levels of stress. It tears and wears your mind and body without an effort. So before you get stuck in a situation that will damage your entire life, you need to start considering getting back to your healthy lifestyle.

“If your job is sedentary, you can break up that time with bits of activity to improve your health,” wrote Holly Larson, MS, RD.


What you have to understand is that your body needs to get moving. You have to exercise to get the necessary energy that activates your immune system. You have to restore the lost balance of your overall well-being by providing enough physical strength that is useful for everyday task. With that, exercising becomes beneficial. It releases tension and allows you to rest. It helps in creating almost endless positive effects, including physical strength, well-functioning senses, flexibility, and high endurance.

Exercise does not only focus on fighting stress but also caters other mental illnesses as well. These include anxiety, depression, and even attention deficit disorders such as ADHD.

“There’s good epidemiological data to suggest that active people are less depressed than inactive people. And people who were active and stopped tend to be more depressed than those who maintain or initiate an exercise program,” said James Blumenthal, PhD.

Due to its effect on increasing dopamine levels in the brain, it helps improved mood, better cognitive learning, and mental alertness. It also serves as a stress-relief activity that doesn’t necessarily take a lot of time and money. And contrary to what others know, exercise does not have any adverse side effects. So you will not worry about how it will damage your psychological health. The truth is, it is, in fact, one of the most recommended habits that most psychologists and therapists’ advice.

Take Away

You need to pump your mind and body to recover from the effects of depression field stress. And one way to do that is to continue exercising. There is not enough reason for you to stop doing it. Because with all those emotional, physical, and mental benefits it can provide, why should you not want to do it?

“Exercise is free of charge, easy to access and available for everyone. Exercise can be used as a stand-alone treatment for some mild-to-moderate conditions or, more effectively, in conjunction with other mental health treatments,” wrote Christina Hibbert, PsyD.

The effects of exercise can exceed your expectations. It does cater not only your immediate needs but also creates a long-lasting development your brain and body deserves. So focus on it and never stop doing it.

Therapist’s Guidelines on How To Prioritize Yourself

Are there times when you feel that you have done everything, but something is still missing? Do you feel that your life has become more difficult than it was in the past? Did you recently go through a heartbreaking or traumatic experience that makes it challenging for you to get up in bed?

If you answered yes to all these, then it is time that you consider improving your mental health. According to a therapist, one of the ways on how to make it happen is to learn the art of prioritizing yourself at all times. He mentioned that just because you are showing a high level of self-love or self-esteem does not mean that you are selfish. Instead, it is a manifestation of how good you are when it comes to taking good care of yourself.

“Maintaining a certain regard for ourselves and engaging in self-compassion and self-care are actually fundamental to creating a good life for ourselves and the people who matter most to us,” wrote Lisa Firestone, PhD.




For today’s article, we are going to talk about or share some of the essential strategies or techniques that you need to remember when it comes to prioritizing yourself. Keep in mind that you do not only need to focus on the physical wellness aspect but also your mental health. As such, the process may be exhausting on your part, but it will be worth it. Here are things to remember:

Live Life With Gratitude

The first technique that you must master is the art of saying thank you. Make gratitude a big part of your day-to-day life. Do not let every moment past without feeling grateful for whatever you have. Take time to appreciate or thank the people who have stood by your side from the beginning or the things that continue to make you happy.

“Feeling and expressing gratitude turns our mental focus to the positive, which compensates for our brain’s natural tendency to focus on threats, worries, and negative aspects of life,” wrote Melanie Greenberg, PhD.

The more you have gratitude in your heart, the easier it would be to feel good about yourself. If this continues to happen, you will start to make it a habit to care for yourself or prioritize it in everything that you do.

Be Careful of Your Food Intake

As much as possible, avoid eating too many food items that do not contain any nutrients at all. The best and ideal thing to do is to follow a balanced diet so that you can enjoy its benefits and advantages. Otherwise, you will end up suffering from any illness or sickness. Take note that being sick can have adverse effects in your life. You may end up feeling annoyed or irritable at all times. It can be bad, especially if you are not good at handling your emotions. As such, it is best to go for food items that are low in fat and high in fiber. Create your meal plan to avoid getting tempted into consuming meals that are unhealthy for you.


Exercise 3x A Week

Another technique that you must not neglect is the significance of exercising regularly. Take note that you do not need to do it every day, particularly if you are busy at work or in the office. However, you must do it at least three times in one week.

Remember that exercising or being physically active is not only ideal for your physical health. Aside from controlling your weight, it can also help in improving your mental health. If you go to any therapist or psychiatrist, for sure, he will recommend you to go out for a quick run or go to the gym for your exercise. Said activity had been proven to be effective in helping persons overcome depression or stress.

“Exercise has been researched and validated for treating a variety of mental issues and mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, addictions, grief, relationship problems, dementia and personality disorders,” wrote Christina Hibbert, PsyD.

Avoid Any Form Of Negativity

Remind yourself that the kind of people that you surround yourself with can be the source of your energy or the primary reason for its depletion. Keep in mind that you do not need any form of negativity in your life. If you truly want to care for yourself, you will avoid getting bad vibes at all cost. As such, it is imperative on your part to choose the things or people that affect you. Keep yourself away from all the stressors that can only make things worse on your part. Otherwise, you will end up feeling unhappy and satisfied with your life. Negativity can bring in pain and sadness since it will bring you down constantly. Learn how to choose your battles at all times.






Remember that you always have a choice on how to live your life to the fullest. Just because you encountered pain or suffering at some point does not mean that there is no way out. Start with caring for yourself and all the good things will follow. Remember that you can make all things possible.