Getting Into The Gym




Ey, everybody! Vinnie here and lately, I have been getting a lot of compliments on my shoulders from the bros. It seems that my new shoulder exercise is working wonders in helping me get some gains, but today I had someone asked me a question that had me thinking. How did you get into the gym? Now anyone who has been with me since day one would know the answer to this question, but then I started to take myself out of the equation there. That was when I began to find myself wanting to answer; how do you get into the gym? Now if you are looking for someone who will tell you how to do this in fewer pages than a book then Vinnie is your girl! Here is how all the celebs got into the gym as well.


Gym Shopping

One of the first things that we all do is go gym shopping. All you need to do is ask for a tour of the facilities which most places are more than happy to provide you with. Here is a short check list of everything that you should try to find:


*Locker rooms with locks and a good amount of storage space. Most likely, you will bring a bag that will have a change of clothes and other gym necessities. A shower is a real plus.




*An extensive array of gym equipment. This is what you are going to spend the most time looking at and for during this shopping. When we say large, we mean large enough for you to switch out throughout your workout to avoid boredom consistently.

 *Alternative activities should not break a gym but it should certainly make one. Most people do not just go to the gym and work on weight lifting. Finding a gym that also has yoga and a wide variety of other activities are getting more frequent these days.

 *Trainers is something that is dire, and you can tell for yourself rather if they are good or not.


Commitment Moves

Now that you found a gym that you like, it is time to make what I would like to call ‘commitment moves.’ This is where you put your money where your mouth is. Plan out how many times you can go to the gym per week, three times is passable and then pay for a month. In this month, you should also get the proper equipment for the exercises that you plan on doing. If it is yoga, then get the mat and the pants. Alternatively, if you are doing weight workouts then make sure that you get the belts and the wraps. This might sound like I am asking you to spend a bunch of money but this is one of the sure fire ways to invest in yourself. Do you think that you just need these items because of gym ethic?


There are a lot of rumors that surround gym ethic. Gym ethic is only letting someone join in with you during an exercise or making sure that you wipe your sweat off of the gym equipment.There are some unspoken rules such as making sure that you do not wear boots or always make sure that you are wearing shorts. These are common things and not to get confused with rules for your safety. The belt that you will see guys wear during squats keep their back straight and substantially reduce their chance of injury. This goes for all the little pieces of gear that you will do in the gym.


Setting Goals




The last thing that you want to do to keep you in the gym is to set goals. This can be something long term such as dropping down to a certain pants size. Short terms goals are something such as trying to work a different weight for as long as you can. Think you do not have the motivation to go every day? One of the sure fire ways to fix this is to make sure that you got a more experienced friend with you to help you work out. It is important that you have someone that you would consider as a friend so that they will patiently teach you as well as just make the experience more fun. Sure, trainers are helpful, but generally, you do not want to feel as if you are using up someone’s work time. If it makes you guys feel better as a trainer, I was doing absolutely nothing most of the day.