Keeping Up With Your Age



If you think that age has something to do with exercising, then let me tell you that you are deluding yourself. This is not to sound ageist, but if you think that a thirty-year-old can do the same thing as a twenty-year-old, then you are silly. This is not to say that someone in their thirties or even fifties can not keep up with someone younger but the limitations are there. This is intended to not only get you aware of these restrictions but how to surpass them as well.

Twenty Or Younger


This is the ideal time to start working out as well as making sure that you get the hang of the basics and work the fundamentals. Trust me with a good solid foundation then you can have an outstanding future. Here are just a few basic tips to follow:

*Learn as much as possible from as many different sources as possible. As you learn you will know all that works for your body now, as well as tips that could help you as you get up there in age.

*Work on endurance over strength whenever possible. This does not mean neglecting strength but how can you get far without a bigger tank?

*Push yourself to the limit every day. You are young so take advantage of it. You might be surprised by how soon that pushing yourself could be endangering your overall health.

*Eat as ‘cleanly’ as possible. This does not mean that you cannot have a ‘dirty’ day such as Sunday where you can go out to eat.

*Always have a rest day. You might be young, but you are not super man. No one at any age should overwork themselves.


Thirty Through Forty-Nine


This is the age where you will begin to notice a lot of little limitations with your bodies such as minor aches and pains. Here is what we found to push pass that envelope:

*Feed your muscles which mean to eat a little bit of fat but a lot of protein. As long as you are working out, then the more protein that you are getting, the better.

*Stretch more than you typically would. The times where you could just jump into an exercise has come and gone. There are many activities (even exercises such as running, weightlifting) does not call for a full range of motion. This can be alleviated with stretching.

*Keep your heart pumping because just as any muscle your heart needs to be at work. To combat the aging process, you should try to look into interval training.

*Keep your testosterone high by staying in the gym. Trust me, the difference between you and other men will be apparent rapidly.


Fifties and Beyond

Now that you are in your golden years you properly have a lot more free time especially with retirement being right around the corner. Here are some tips to make sure that you can still keep up with your grandkids:

*Follow the proper form; this is now more important than ever. Your chances for injuries are high, and now they are life threatening when they do happen. Decrease the risk whenever possible.

*Spend more time warming up and cooling down. This is just something that comes with not being as limber as you use to be.

*Do not let illness stop you. It does not matter if the workout is bad because your health is even more imperative.You must learn what to adjust to your workout regardless of your health.