Overall Gym Fitness Tips


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So, have you been looking for tips but find that there is too much jargon or it is just too long winded. Well, this article is just for you as we will cover some general tips along with a few uncommon one for power lifters to people who are just trying to lose weight alike. If there is anything that someone trying to hit the gym can benefit from, it is taking advice wherever you can get it. You will never know what tip you are missing to get you that dream body finally.

Tips For Power Lifters


Now, if you are power lifting there are three exercises, not all at once, that you are going to do every time you go to the gym: squat, bench, and deadlift. Here is what you can do to get the most out of those three exercises.



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*Take the time to warm up with just the bar. A good gym will have mirrors all over the place so that you can check out your form.

 *You want to get below 90 degrees while keeping your knees out. Any more than 90 degrees will make squats feel easier while you cheat yourself. The deeper that you can get in your depth, then, the more that you can get out of the exercise. You want to keep your ass on the grass with this one.

 *Rest the bar on your shoulder blades while squeezing them together. Whatever you do, do not put the weight on the top of your spine as this will lead to neck injuries down the road.



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*You want to practice a technique called bending the bar. This is where you try to bend your elbows towards your body as you lower the bar.

 *You want the bar to hover above your chest but not rest nor bounce on it. This is a mistake that I see so often, and it is never long before they are whining about chest pains.

 *This is hard to do but if you can keep your shoulder blades back while using all these techniques, then you will see your chest grow three times faster than normal.


Dead lift

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*If you are doing a traditional lift then you are going to want to have the bar barely graze against your shins. Try to keep your back as straight as possible and leave your hips out of the equation.

 *If you are lifting with a sumo lift, then the most important part is that you use your entire body to hold yourself while focusing on lifting with your back.


Tips For Weight Lifters


Weight lifting is a strenuous and endurance testing exercise that requires the most research out of the three. These tips, as with the rest, are more general as every weight lifting program could do with a few pointers. Here are mines:

*Rest as much as possible. You are going to be putting your body under a lot of muscle growth. If you feel as if your body cannot handle a six-day workout program, then go to a five day one without hesitation.

 *Exhaust yourself whenever you are at the gym. The reason that you want to rest is that you are going to be pushing your body to the limit every time that you are there.

 *When you are not trying to achieve a PR then you should lift seventy-five to eighty percent of your max for a good eight to twelve repetitions.


Tips For Weight Loss


The only exercise regimen on this list that has a load of information on the internet is weight loss. There is not anything new that I could share outside of the constant spoken drink water, eat eggs and cut back on carbs. The one real tip that I haven’t seen is that losing weight is like fighting a drug addiction. You are never going to win this fight unless you want it more than anything. That means more than sweets and free time. If you find that going to the gym is hard, then maybe it is the time that you stop lying to yourself.