Privacy Policy

This privacy policy allows you to understand the type of personal data that we collect at We will merely use the information that you provide to us to respond to your message and improve the services that we offer.
Data We Collect
Our website has a simple user interface. We do not prompt you to sign up or log in to the site as soon as you visit our pages. You will only be required to type your first and last name, as well as your email address if you use our contact form to leave a comment or message to us. These personally identifying data will remain in our system, secured by commercially acceptable protection software, and will not be disclosed unless the law necessitates it.
We also collect information regarding your browser and internet protocol (IP) address. Once you enter our website, the data automatically gets transferred to us by your browser. It helps us to analyze the times when you come to our site, what blogs you look into, and how much time you spend on the website.
How We Use Your Personal Information
 Enhance our services
 Facilitate changes in our website
 Identify the need to provide new services
 Respond to user inquiries
 Learn more about our target audience
 Conduct data analysis
Cookies We Send is not short of utilizing cookies to improve our website. The cookies we send are small files that get stored in your computer whenever you come to the site. You may receive them on automatic, considering you have not modified your browser settings to alert you when a website wants to send cookies. Otherwise, there is no means for us to prevent you from getting them.
Contact Us
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