Saving Mental Health


Our mental health is something that continually changes regardless of what different things are in front of us. Whether we are in a state of calmness or the midst of anxiety, it always passes and often in flux. There are times that we immerse ourselves in the world of mental health treatments such as therapy and medication. We still want to find ways on how to maintain a better psychological and emotional health. But what we do not notice is the process of us always returning to the fundamentals of battling mental health issues.

Taking Care Of Ourselves


One of the most underrated ways of battling mental health condition is taking care of ourselves. Perhaps that is because incorporating healthy habits is not always as exciting as our current damaging lifestyles. These include drinking a lot with our friends, sleeping late nights, eating junk foods, etc. Most of the times, taking care of ourselves is boring and monotonous.

“Engaging in self-care is a way of signaling to ourselves that we matter in our own lives. You do not need a lot of time, money, or exotic new activities to improve your self-care,” wrote Katherine King, PsyD.

In some cases, it does not resonate in an instant because nobody cares about the positive result. However, the best part of its adjustment is its ability to reduce stress, anxiety, as well as depression. Taking care of ourselves finds a way to heal our emotional and mental dilemma. The changes don’t have to be that meticulous, though. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and exercising 3x a week can be enough to make a huge impact.

The truth is, the process of emotional and mental healing is an individual journey. The things that help others do not guarantee to work for another. Yes, some people take medication, and some of us don’t. Some of us want to be surrounded by people, and some of us want isolation. Some individuals want to talk things over, while some want to process their issues internally. Everybody is different, and we need to look through that. Therefore, the fundamentals of taking care of ourselves are dependent on how much effort we can process so we can recover.

“The idea of self-kindness is to practice being gentle on ourselves when we experience setbacks, and to treat ourselves with the same kindness that we would extend to a close friend,” wrote Elizabeth Hopper, PhD.


Depression, anxiety, and stress are the damaging things we all do not want to experience. It is not advantageous, and it will never become useful at all.

But you see, there is no exemption to it. Everybody can suffer and struggle with these unwanted mental conditions. With that, we have to set goals and focus on stuff that can help us maintain a better development. It will inspire not only our lives but also the people surrounding us. We have to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others.

“Instead of avoiding struggles, you learn from them. You trust your own instincts and abilities because they are uniquely yours,” wrote Deborah Serani, PsyD.

Implementing mental health solution in our lives is not easy. Finding the balance in living the world of uncertainties can bring more pain than relief. But with proper guidance and enough information, we can change things. We can look for ways to help ourselves and others to get rid of any emotional and mental health problems. As long as we are determined to save ourselves, there is no way we will not make it.