Staying In The Gym




Oh yes, the gym; A sanctuary for some, and a nightmare for others. Hopefully, for you, it’s the former and not the latter, and if not, we are going to help you get there. As you probably know, proper dieting and exercise are key components to living a long and healthy life. The gym can help you on your journey to that better life and a better body.

Setting Goals

Of course, when you go to the gym to work out, you have to have a particular goal to hit. Whether it’s a long term goal such as weight loss or muscle gain, or a daily goal such as how many reps to do on certain exercises. Goals can definitely guide you on your workout as well as give you a sense of accomplishment. You should always have a plan set for what you’re going to do on what machine before you go to the gym. This makes your workout go smoother, and it gives you a sense of how much you grow when you get stronger.




A way to do this is to set up days for different parts of the body. Here is an example of my program for legs. The first number is how many times that I will do the second number. This first number is known as sets while the second is known as repetitions:


Four by 15 Pause Squats (four seconds going down, two seconds pause)

Four by 15 Front Squats

Three by 12 Calf Raises

Three by 15 Leg Extensions

Three by 15 Leg Curls

Two by 20 Quad Extensions


The important thing is to go to the gym and do what you had your mind set out to do. If you cheat during this, then the only person you are letting down is yourself.


Gluing Yourself In Place

There are going to be a few who will disagree but get yourself known at one gym. This will just make your experience feel a lot better as you get well known in one place. You have no idea how much just having someone call you by name or ask you for help makes you feel as if all of your hard work has come to fruition. Another benefit of going to one place is that you get a good feel for what is wrong and right with the place. There are just some things that you will not be able to figure out from just gym shopping alone.


A Little Bit More

Now here are just a few general tips that should help you stay in the gym but remember unless you have a personal investment in your health then you will not do this yourself.

*Take small steps at the start. There is no need to go to the gym to try to impress people who have been working out for years.

 *Do research to learn how to have a proper form on your exercises. Also do not just believe the first source that you see. Remember, the harder it is to do then the more effective the exercise is in a general case.

 *Do not get demoralized. You are going to get sweaty, and your form might break. The moment that you see your form break, take a break and go at it again. Most people in the gym are focused on their exercise.

 *Bring a friend as this will help you feel less embarrassed of yourself as you work out as well as give you some friendly competition.




*Listen to music to get yourself pumped and block out the crowd. Most likely you are going