When Does Sadness Become Depression?

Sometimes it’s hard to spot depression in someone because people are great at hiding the way they feel. For some, they see a colleague or even a family member on a day-to-day basis and yet they do not realize they have depression.

In truth, depression is sometimes hard to spot simply because although some signs are noticeable, others are not, and people are good at hiding things. If someone doesn’t want you to know they have depression, you might never know. However, how can you tell if you’re depressed and when does feeling a bit sad turn into depression?

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How Long Have You Been Sad And What Has Made You Sad?

There are a number of elements which can contribute to you feeling sad. For starters, the loss of a loved one through death can often bring about sadness on a massive level, as too can breaking up with a long-term friend or partner.

However, you might feel sad because of your current situation in life. Many find they feel sad when they have lost an important job or feel frustrated that they haven’t achieved what they would have liked. These are often the main causes of sadness.

Oftentimes, sadness can turn into depression very easily and you don’t realize it until it’s too late. And when the sadness is prolonged—that is when it slowly turns into depression.

“The biggest sign that I look for is how much your mood is impacting on your level of functioning,” Dr. Dara Gasior, PsyD, said. “When you are feeling sad, you usually are able to complete the daily tasks of your life, you just feel badly while doing so. When you enter into a state of depression, the sadness starts to interfere with your level of functioning.”

Spotting the Signs

Feeling sad about a situation doesn’t always turn into depression but there comes a point where you stop feeling sad and feel depressed. Usually, if those feelings of sadness don’t go away within a short period of time, it can become a depression.

“In order to be diagnosed with clinical depression, an individual must experience at least five out of nine specific symptoms,” Elaine Ducharme, PhD, said. “Again, this is for at least two weeks.”

Trying to spot the signs within you can be hard as sometimes you aren’t looking for them or you don’t believe you can be depressed. However, if you are constantly crying, feeling low, and not wanting to interact with people then it is a sign of depression. What’s more, if you want to harm yourself, it’s very much depression and should seek help immediately. Get the latest info coming from http://vinnietortotich.com/mental-health-awareness/

Why Depression Stems From Sadness

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We all get sad from time to time, but if there is a situation that overwhelms you and you feel very alone and with little support, it can become depression so very easily. Even when you have a support network, you might still want to shut yourself away and see no one.

It is hard to know why depression comes from sadness but it’s down to personal feelings and how devastated you are about a situation or circumstance. It isn’t just death or the breakdown in a relationship that causes depression. It can be an everyday family man or woman who has gotten a bit stuck in life. It happens.

“Sadness is actually a small part of depression,” Stephanie Smith, PsyD said. “Some people who have depression don’t even experience sadness. Instead, they experience anhedonia, a loss of interest or pleasure in activities they previously enjoyed.”

Fighting Back

Sadness becomes depression so very easily and you have to be aware of it when the changes come. That is why you have to do what you can to try and pick yourself up from the situation. It can be tough, but with some help it is possible.

If you don’t want to talk to a family friend or member, why not talk to a professional? Everything you say is confidential and the therapy may help pick you back up. However, you could always change your routine and get out there more and look at new activities or hobbies to fill your time. Fight back against depression.


Rise In Suicide Among Homeless

Homelessness is a troublesome factor in society today. It doesn’t matter where you live or how well you were brought up, homelessness is one day away.

You wouldn’t think in modern society being homeless would be such a factor and yet it remains a big concern for millions each and every day. For some, it’s down to losing a job and not being able to find another and losing an apartment. For others, however, it’s because of family situations and running away.

People can just get into a bad crowd and sooner or later they end up on the streets. Anything can cause homelessness today but, sadly, there are more and more suicides amongst homeless individuals.


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Why Are Suicides On The Rise?

Being left out on the streets with no one to turn to and nowhere to go can be devastating and a very different way of life. For some, they truly cannot handle or comprehend the situation and unfortunately take their own life.

Suicide is truly on the rise and it’s down to shame, self-pity and, in all honesty, it seems the easiest way out of the situation. You wouldn’t think taking your own life would seem like the sensible option but when you’re in a desperate situation, anything seems better than living. That is one major reason why suicides are on the rise. It’s unfortunate but it’s happening even more so than ever before.

“Some of the major risk factors for homelessness are mental illness, substance abuse, and poverty,” Jack Tsai, PhD, said. “We know those are also major risk factors for suicide.”

What Can Be Done To Tackle The Issue?

Resources are stretched to the max it seems but if people can give a little more to charities helping those in need, it might lighten the burden. Now, there will always be people who are homeless but if those people have safe places to go at night and resources that help take them from the streets and into a new home and a job, the number of suicides might just decrease.

Suicides are not going away and while many people are against it, they do it because they believe it’s their only option. That is why more must be done today and getting an avenue of help and support to those on the streets is a must. Read more from http://vinnietortotich.com/when-does-sadness-become-depression/

Tackling Homelessness to Prevent More Suicides


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In truth, there is only one way to solve the problem – providing a home for the homeless. Okay, so it’s a lot easier said than done, but it’s something that is needed today. There is a big need for affordable housing and help for those who aren’t able to get assistance from the government.

If there were more outlets for homeless people to turn to in order to have a safe shelter and help them get a job and into affordable housing, it may help solve half the problem. If people were able to give what they could, they could save many lives.

“We can hope that many of these factors — such as the reduction of the opioid epidemic, a recovering economy, and efforts to increase recruitment of new mental health professionals — are heading in the right direction and may impact future suicide rates,” wrote John M. Grohol, PsyD.

“In the suicide field, psychologists are really partnering across three arms: science, services and policy,” added Joan Asarnow, PhD. “We need basic science to inform our treatments. And on the other end, we need to find ways to get these [prevention and treatment] approaches into our communities.”

It shows how desperate people are getting when they commit suicide as they believe there is no hope for them. visit us now!

Help and Prevent Tragedies

What can you do to help the homeless? Well, firstly you could look at setting up local shelters so that those within the immediate area can get help. It could be helping someone improve their reading or writing skills and helping them try out interview techniques. It could also be helping to fill out job applications and giving a room for them until they get back on their feet. It’s little things like these that can help. Also, giving a little money to charities can go a long way. Any help is positive and may prevent someone from committing suicide today.


Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is just as important as your physical health and yet so many people dismiss it. People really don’t like to think about their mental health and believe they are only unwell mentally when they are depressed. However, you can be sad and ill mentally and yet that doesn’t have to be such a bad thing.

Mental health awareness is truly an important factor to consider because it needs to be addressed.


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Why Is Mental Health Awareness Important?

To be honest, raising awareness for mental health is crucial simply because too many people are ill but do not seek the help they need. If those people don’t get help, they can often get to a point in their life where they reach the breaking point.

“Because of stigma, people who need treatment may fail to seek it and they may face discrimination and problems at work or school or even encounter harassment or violence,” said Katherine C. Nordal, PhD.

For instance, when someone is mentally ill or sick but don’t seek help, they can get worse and maybe even harm themselves or others. These people don’t necessarily want to hurt anyone but without help, it can happen. That is one of the biggest reasons why mental health awareness is a must. When they are unaware, people can be afraid to come forward and are unable to get the guidance they need.

Can Mental Illness Be Cured?

If you have a mental illness or disease, a doctor or psychologist may be able to find a suitable course of treatment for you. For some, they find talking to counselors and going through therapy to be a useful tool, especially for depression and other such illnesses.

“Often times, finding the right therapist or mental health professional takes more than one try. You may need to ‘try on’ a few professionals before finding one that feels right to you,” wrote John M. Grohol, PsyD. ”

However, others may find a course of prescribed medication can help them far more, and while this might seem a bit scary it does alleviate and reduce the symptoms. That is why mental health awareness has become so important today and why it also needs to be a top priority. Without awareness, people will be stuck and won’t seek help, even though they feel alone. check out this link here!

What Can Be Done To Raise Awareness?


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First and foremost, there should be more advertisements on television, radio, and of course the Internet over mental health issues awareness. Already, there are some campaigns that basically inform viewers that if they feel a bit alone or afraid, to seek help from a doctor. These advertisements are great but there really does need to be more out there so that people from all walks of life are aware of mental health issues and the steps they can take to receive the help they need.

If you have been feeling a bit unsure of your mental health recently you might benefit from talking to a doctor and explaining how you have been feeling. There is no shame in it and you can get the help you need to overcome your ailment. Read more from https://www.outandaboutnashville.com/story/why-mental-health-awareness-important-lgbtq#.WUiyJekRXcs

Mental Health Awareness Is a Must-Have for Every Individual

Who honestly wants to think about mental illness? It’s a scary thing and there is so much prejudice against it too but it shouldn’t be. Mental health is an important factor of life and without it people can be miserable and very vulnerable. Mental health is no joke. It’s not a laughing matter and you shouldn’t be made to feel as though it is. You should always take your mental health seriously. It never hurts to talk to someone about your feelings either.

“One of the things that we realize and recognize is that people have very strong views about mental illness. There’s stigma about that. And we feel strongly that if we’re really going to help people, we’re not only going to need to make sure the services are there, but people are actually going to reach out for those services,” said Arthur C. Evans Jr., PhD.