The Cake Habit – It Can Cause Diabetes


There were so many free 2018 Dietetics Events in our area, and honestly, these activities could help people break the “cake” habit. I call it the “cake” habit because I ate cake every single day since I was twelve. It does not matter what type of cake I eat. Chocolate Moist, which is my all-time favorite, Red Velvet cake, Matcha cake, Chiffon cake, Carrot cake, Genoise, Poundcake, Butter cake – you name it. All types of cake, I ate it all year round for years. One slice each day. This is mainly the reason why I was 100 kilos two years ago at 25-years-old, which is pretty obese. Very unflattering and yes, unattractive.

I am very well aware of confident and inspiring plus size women of today who are empowered. They say it is okay to be huge, big, bold, and beautiful. And I agree. No one must feel insecure about their body weight, and I have never felt the need to trim down until my health was in peril.

One day, two years ago, I felt this terrible headache that my Advil could not take away. I have been feeling sluggish and tired weeks before that, but chuck an Advil, it was gone. But that day, it was the worst. I could not get out of bed. My niece had to bring me to the emergency room, and that was where reality revealed to me.


My blood sugar spiked and I was pre-diabetic. The reading said 5.8, and it was a big WOW for me. It was not normal but was not YET on the diabetes level. It was almost there, though – just a few points, and I would have been diabetic. I was so scared at that time, for I did not want that to happen.

My doctor said that I have to cut down on all the sugar stuff and also on my carbohydrates. She gave me a list of foods that I needed to eat and the portions daily. It was for strict compliance. I also had to do some bit of exercise or else, I would die soon. Those were her words to me.

I also joined the said events in our area, which inspired, and now, two years in, I have lost a total of 20 kilos. This is a proud moment for me that I vowed to save my life.