Types Of Regimen


Someone asked me an important question about the articles that I have been pumping out lately (see what I did there), and it was thought to provoke. They say that thanks to me they are in the gym and they have every intention of staying in the gym, but they do not seem to know what program to do. I followed my first instinct which was to tell the guy to look up some programs, but he could not find many that was with the intention of beginners. Honestly, with my search, there were not many so here is the little list that I was able to come up with.

Olympic/Power Lifting Training

Source: recsports.ufl.edu


Now, let say that you want to get into powerlifting. Let me say right now that you are going to have to leave your ego at home because most likely than not, you have to start lightweight. Since you are new at this here is something that should help you build up your strength:


Day One:

Five by 5 Barbell Squat

*Try to make sure that you get full right degrees when you squat. The lower that you can get, then the more you will get out of it. Attempt to squeeze your quads as you rise*


Five by 5 Front Barbell Squat

*Caution that you do not hurt your shoulders with this exercise. This is done best with a trainer or friend to watch*


Five by 5 Butt Lift

*Just try not to get too embarrassed doing this, but this will help your hamstrings by leaps and bounds*


Five by 5 Seated Calf Raises

*Try to add weight to get the most out of this.*


Day Two:

Five by 5 Barbell Bench Press – Far Grip

*Remember to keep your shoulders back and elbows bent towards your body. These two things will help give you that extra bit of power in your workout.*


Five by 5 Dumbbell Bench Press

*The same thing for the barbell bench press*


Five by 5 Close Grip Bench Press

Source: bodybuilding.com


Five by 5 Triceps Pushdown

*This one is pretty self-explanatory but just make sure that you squeeze at the bottom of the motion*


Day Three:

Five by 5 Barbell Deadlift

*Keep your back as tight as possible. Also, try to look up rather traditional, or sumo deadlifting is useful for your size or stature.*


Five by 5 Upright Barbell Row

*Careful with your wrist on this exercise. Try to lift your shoulders and triceps instead of your arms and back.*


Five by 5 Hyperextensions


Five by 5 Barbell Curl

*Once you do this, try to finish your exercise by maxing out and doing as many reps that you can get out of the exercise.*


Weight Loss Training

Source: dubai-personal-training.com


On the other end of the spectrum, there is weight loss. The best way to lose a lot of weight is to bust out a sweat and go on the treadmill. Sadly you will not find many treadmill programs because it is virtually impossible to gauge how long someone could run. Just make sure that you are not doing any incline and try to run as long as you possibly can, but we recommend getting a good two miles out of the whole ordeal. Once you finish that, then do a bit of the extra exercise that you feel like working. Switch out between working your core, legs, and chest.

If you are a female, then there is nothing wrong with doing a lightweight on the barbell bench press. There is this terrible rumor in the female community as a whole that a woman who is solidly built is lesbian and unattractive. I want you to know ladies that every fit girl in the gym is eye humped by your man. They aren’t lesbians, they are models who care about their health. Personally, I prefer a woman that can wrestle and keep up with me. I know a handful of other guys as well.