Why Aren’t My Abs Exercises Working?


You’ve been sweating it out every day just to achieve a six-pack, and yet after a month, you don’t see even a single pack! What’s the problem? What are you doing wrong? Here are some abs exercise mistakes that you’re probably committing – and you don’t need a therapist for this one! Just a few body adjustments and the right moves.

Problem #1. Your form might be poor.

Incorrect body mechanics can disrupt an effective move, which really won’t do anything for you if you’re all sloppy. When you’re pulling your neck, your abdominals slack off. Using your momentum instead of utilizing your muscles also won’t make the abs work. Your hips will just sag, and it won’t keep your abs contracting when you move. You need to feel that those abdominals are controlled to reap the benefits. You can better do that if you check out your form in the mirror initially, so you’ll see a good picture of where the form is wrong.

Problem #2. You’re not doing the right moves.

Samantha Clayton, a personal coach, and star in BeFitin90 channel, says that sit-ups are the worst regimen for a flat belly, as most of the work will be placed in the hip flexors rather than in the abs when you strain your neck. The most recommended techniques that provide maximum effort of the abs are Pilates-based exercises, which keeps the entire body activated. Bicycle crunches, plank poses, and other functional movements target the deepest layers of the abdominal muscles. Using stability balls can also add more to your crunches, as these tools test your ability to balance and push your core muscles to contract.

Problem #3. You’re not eating the right food.

Source: gallowayfamilybutchers.co.uk

As they say (and experts agree), exercise is only 20% of the secret to effective weight loss. This is also true for achieving flat abs. Eating a healthy diet is the fastest way to a six-pack. You could sweat it out with a thousand crunches a day, but if you’re eating way too many calories, your fat will overwhelm those abdominals! If you want fast and great results, eat fewer carbohydrates and monitor your alcohol and sugar consumption. Instead, load yourself lean protein such as white chicken, turkey, lean beef, fish, beans, and low-fat dairy. It’ll also be great to avoid fruits and vegetables that are starchy.

Problem #4. You’re not practicing the correct breathing patterns.

Yoga doesn’t make you lose a lot of calories, but because it encourages you to do breathing exercises that are focused on the belly, it is effective in reducing the fat belly. Breathing should be primarily integrated into any abdominal exercise. Why? Because your tummy is located just behind the abdominal wall, and incorrect breathing pushes the tummy to protrude outside, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve. The breathing pattern taught in yoga begins with an inhalation to prepare followed by an exhalation while pulling your belly button against your spine. This effectively contracts your abdominals throughout the whole breathing cycle — people who do this claim that they see a difference immediately.

Problem #5. You’re too caught up in the numbers. It’s been a proven fact that when you do the same exercise routines every day without altering the number of repetitions or weight size, you won’t get significant results anymore. Your body is quick to adjust, and so it will easily get used to specific exercise regimens. Whether you’re doing exercise at home through DVDs, or you’re going to aerobics classes, or you work out regularly, you should remember to change or introduce your body to a new routine. You’ll know when it’s time to change it up when you don’t feel sore after exercising.

Problem #6. You’re a worrier.

Worry and anxiety are precursors to stress, depression, and sleeplessness. Without sufficient sleep, cortisol in the body increases, weight gain occurs. Counteract the stressors by doing activities that you enjoy, learning a hobby, exercising, and meditating. Inactivity adds more pounds, and most often it rests on the belly. Be active and be positive.

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Problem #7. You’re making shortcuts or speeding up on your workouts.

Doing your repetitions quickly instead of systematically will not end up in a flat belly. Slow, sure, and controlled are the key. This process increases muscle fibers and strengthens muscle bulk. Moves become more effective. One powerful technique to try instead of doing 60 crunches is to do a crunch and hold it for 60 seconds.

These are surefire ways to achieve a six-pack – powerful abs that will make you proud of all your hard work!